Thursday 25 May 2023 – Kingston, Goodnestone, Wingham

Meet at 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Rd entrance

The walk is about 13 miles with half hourly buses back from Wingham. We will stop for a packed lunch at Goodnestone Church. There is also a pub in the village and a cafe at Goodnestone House if preferred.

Through the hospital, past the rugby ground and over Nackington Road. Then through the orchard around Nackingon and across the Bridge road into Whitehill woods. Over the Pett Bottom road to Middle Pett Farm and then the footpath into the Bourne Park valley. Follow the Elham Valley Way through Bishopsbourne to Kingston, then up Black Robin Lane to take the footbridge over the A2 and through Ileden wood to Adisham. Through Adisham and under the railway to Love Lane, then over the Aylesham road to Goodnestone, where we will stop for lunch. Short walk after lunch to Wingham for the bus back.

Lunch in Boughton Aluph churchyard on last week’s epic walk to Charing:

Bossingham Petham circle – Thursday 11 May 2023

Meet 8.30am K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The walk is about 13 miles, returning to Canterbury around 1pm. Bring a snack or lunch.

Past the rugby field, to Nackington, Whitehill woods. Footpath behind the Duck Inn, Westwood Farm, Lynsore Bottom, Bossingham. Over Stone Street, Dane Chantry, Petham. Snack/lunch break at Petham Church. Kenfield Hall, cross Chartham Downs road, New House Farm, Stuppington Lane.

Last week’s walk to Wye:

Thursday 20 April 2023 – Dover white cliffs to Deal and Sandwich

Meet at 8.30am, Canterbury bus station to catch the 8.35am No 15 bus to Dover.

The walk is 15 miles to Sandwich, with the option of a shorter walk (10 miles) to Deal with a direct bus back to Canterbury. Bring a packed lunch or use one of the pubs or cafes in Deal.

Leave bus at Pencester Place, Dover, walk to Eastern Docks. Footpath behind the docks up the cliff to the White Cliffs Visitor Centre. Along the cliffs to South Foreland Lighthouse to St Margarets Bay. Steps to cliff top on the England Coast Path to Kingsdown, Walmer and Deal.

Lunch in Deal (10 miles) with the option of a bus back to Canterbury. The walk proceeds along the coast and through the Cinque Ports Golf course to Dixon Corner, Old Downs Farm and Sandwich, where to take a bus back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Selsted:

Thursday 13 April 2023 – Selstead via Covert Wood

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is 12 miles, with regular buses back from Selstead. We should be back in Canterbury around 1.30pm so bring a packed lunch or snack.

Through the hospital to the rugby field, cross Nackington Road, walk to Whitehill woods. Path down to Little Eaton Farm, cross Pett Bottom road and take the footpath that runs along the valley behind the Duck Inn to Westwood Farm. Road and paths through Covert wood to Bladbean Farm, Wingmore, and onto the EVW, Tappington Hall, Rakehole Farm and Selstead.

The bus 16 runs every 20 minutes back to Cantebury.

Last week’s walk between Denton and Dover:

Thursday 23 March 2023 – Densole via Broom Park

Meet 8.30am at K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is about 14 miles, so please bring a packed lunch. There is a cafe at Broome Park golf course, where we will break.

From the hospital to the rugby field, Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Middle Pett farm. Cross Elham valley railway into the Bourne House valley, then take EVW through Bishopsbourne, Kingston, Heart’s Delight, Derringstone and Barham. Path through golf course to Broome Park. Possibility of taking the bus back at that point for a shorter walk (about 9/10 miles).

Cross the main road and take a combination of footpaths and minor roads through Shelvin and Wooton. Path past Hill House farm to St John’s Commandery (13th century Knight’s Hospitalers base), Swingfield Street, Foxholt cottage to A260 bus stop near Densole. Regular buses back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Whitstable:

Thursday 9 March 2023 – Bishopsbourne, Kingston circle

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The walk is about 13 miles, returning at around 1pm, so bring a packed lunch if required.

Through the hospital, to the rugby field, over Nackington Road. Then past Nackington, over the Bridge road, Whitehill Woods, footpath to Bourne Park Road and Elham valley way through Bishopsbourne to Kingston. Cross the A2 over the bridge, past Higham Park to Patrixbourne. NDW back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Victory Wood:

Thursday 23 February 2023 – Wye via Waltham

Meet 8.30am at K&C hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is about 14 miles, with a train from Wye back to Canterbury West at 13.56, 14.56. Bring a packed lunch, although the cafe and pubs in Wye are also an option.

Through the hospital, rugby field, Nackington, Whitehill woods, Lower Hardres. Then Catt’s Wood Road, footpath to the garden centre on Stone Street, path to Duckpit, road to Ansdore, path to Waltham, valley through Bavinge and Doves woods, Hassell Street, Coombe Manor, Wye downs and path down to Wye.

Last week’s walk to Ringwould:

Thursday 9 February 2023 – The Bottoms and Bossingham

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The route is about 14 miles, returning around 1.30pm so bring a packed lunch if required.

Past the rugby field, Nackington Road, Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Little Eaton Farm. Path along Pett Bottom valley to Westwood Farm, then take path through Lynsore Bottom, to Bossingham. Then footpath to Bossingham Church, Stone Street, Dane Chantry, Petham. Through Kenfield Hall parkland to the Chartham Downs road. Path through Rabbit Wood to New House Farm, back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Faversham:

Thursday 26 January 2023 – Villages walk (clockwise)

Meet 8.30am St Martin’s Church

The walk is about 15 miles, with short cuts available from Littlebourne (by bus) or Patrixbourne (NDW back to Canterbury). There are ample churches for a lunch stop.

Pick up Stour Valley walk through Fordwich to Stodmarsh. Then to Wickhambreaux, Ickham, pass close to Littlebourne through Lower Garrington Farm, Bekesbourne, Patrixbourne, Bridge, Whitehill woods, Nackington, home past the rugby ground.

Last week’s sunny walk to Elham:

Thursday 12 January 2023 – Herne Bay (largely mud free route)

Meet 8.30am, St Mary Bredin Church

The route is about 13 miles, with a bus back from Herne Bay. Optional lunch at the Wallflower Cafe. Short cut by taking the bus back from Whitstable or Tankerton. The route is largely mud free because it follows the cycle route towards Whitstable and then the promenade to Herne Bay.

Toddlers Cove, London Road Roundabout, Lower Harbledown, bridge to Neal’s Place, Water Tower, cycle route to Whitstable. Branch off to Tankerton, promenade through Seasalter, Hampton Pier to Herne Bay.

Last week’s Western Circle walk: