Thursday 7 March, 2024 The Victory Wood Circle (A Sean & Barry walk)

Please bring a packed lunch (to be eaten at a convenient stopping place en route)

Meet outside St Augustine’s Abbey (English Heritage) at 8.30am

Proceed towards St. Stephen’s on back roads and paths, then the University, then the Crab and Winkle route – towards Clowes Wood.  We take the footpath down to A290, arriving nearby Red Lion House then walk along the Whitstable Road to Pean Hill, where we turn into Ellenden Wood, making our way to Victory Wood, eventually ending up in Courtenay Road.  The route then goes through North Bishopden Wood, then Church Wood and, via footpaths, back to Canterbury Bus Station where the walk finishes.

Approx. 12 miles.

Last week’s walk Selstead via Covert Wood Walk:


Wednesday Walk – 6 March, 2024

Meet at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am for the weekly two hour walk followed by coffee.

Because of recent flooding on the river footpath, and paths nearby, a decision will be taken on the day what direction the walk will take us.

The pic taken last week is of Abdi and Les on the flooded path near Toddlers Cove:

SSS327 – Tuesday 5 March, 2024 – The Les Walk (The Hole in the Polo)

Meet at 8:00 am by the St. Augustine’s Triangle (start of the Footpath to the north of St. Augustine’s Road, which goes behind the houses with the UCA buildings on the other side).

The walk proceeds along the footpath, up Babbs Hill, by the side of the Barracks Estate leading to Old Park Farm open land.  It continues through the golf course (Scotland Hills), crossing Stodmarsh Road the Polo Farm, across the A257 by Fishpoolhill Wood then across to the path by Palmstead Wood and then Bekesbourne Lane.  We walk along the road to the footpath by the side of Haystack Wood, then down to Hode Farm where we turn onto the NDW through Barton Business Park and onto number 67 St. Augustine’s Road, home of the creator of this fine walk.

Last week’s The Steve’s Walk:


Thursday 29 February 2024 – Selstead via Covert Wood

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is 12 miles, with regular buses back from Selstead. We should be back in Canterbury around 1.30pm so bring a packed lunch or snack.

Through the hospital to the rugby field, cross Nackington Road, walk to Whitehill woods. Path down to Little Eaton Farm, cross Pett Bottom road and take the footpath that runs along the valley behind the Duck Inn to Westwood Farm. Road and paths through Covert wood to Bladbean Farm, Wingmore, and onto the EVW, Tappington Hall, Rakehole Farm and Selstead.

The bus 16 runs every 20 minutes back to Cantebury.

Last walk’s Fordwich circle walk:

Wednesday Walk – 28 February, 2024

Those of you who wish to join the midweek walk will need to be at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am.

The weather forecast for Wednesday is for light rain and gentle breeze. Because the ground is saturated in many areas and further reports of rain a decision on where to wander will be taken on the day.

The pic from last week shows the lads in a typical Beatles pose near Howfield Wood Farm.

SSS326 – Tuesday 27 February, 2024 – Reverse The Steve’s Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the Hospital (junction of Ethelbert and South Canterbury Roads)

The Langton Path to the end of the school playing fields, rugby club, over the A2 bridge and proceed to Nackington, Whitehill Wood, Lower Hardes.  Work back from Lower Hardes to New House Lane and then back to South Canterbury Road via A2 bridge crossing in Stuppington Lane.

Subject to modification by Steve on the day.

Last week’s Reverse The Valley Lark Walk:


Thursday, 22 February, 2024 – The Forickwinbram Circle

Meet outside St. Martin’s Church @ 8:30am

Snack break at Ickham (time for a cuppa).

SVW to Fordwich, then Littlebourne, Ickham, Wingham. Out of Wingham we take the footpath to Snake’s Hill and then down to Bossington Farm from where we follow footpaths to Bramling Downs. We take Bramling Road and eventually cut across to Shepherds’ Close Road, then Patrixbourne, then back to Canterbury via the Barton Estate. 14 miles or so.

Last week’s Wye via Waltham Walk:


Wednesday Walk – 21 February, 2024

We’ll meet again at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am for a two hour walk followed by coffee at a city centre caff.

A possibility of rain on Wednesday so a decision will be taken on the day on where to walk depending on the conditions.
The pic from our last walk is of the lads “Watching the River Flow”