Thursday 23 March 2023 – Densole via Broom Park

Meet 8.30am at K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is about 14 miles, so please bring a packed lunch. There is a cafe at Broome Park golf course, where we will break.

From the hospital to the rugby field, Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Middle Pett farm. Cross Elham valley railway into the Bourne House valley, then take EVW through Bishopsbourne, Kingston, Heart’s Delight, Derringstone and Barham. Path through golf course to Broome Park. Possibility of taking the bus back at that point for a shorter walk (about 9/10 miles).

Cross the main road and take a combination of footpaths and minor roads through Shelvin and Wooton. Path past Hill House farm to St John’s Commandery (13th century Knight’s Hospitalers base), Swingfield Street, Foxholt cottage to A260 bus stop near Densole. Regular buses back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Whitstable:

Wednesday Walk 22 March, 2023

The Wednesday Walkers will be meeting near the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens for an 8:30am start, please join us if possible.

The walk will be mainly in the Blean direction.
The forecast is for light rain but of course that may change. If the weather does not look good please
check your e-mails at 6:30am to see if the walk has been cancelled.
The pic from last Wednesday, taken in the Millers Arms, shows us once again in a reflective mood.

SSS 278 – Tuesday 21 March, 2023 – Reverse The Woolton Farm Walk

Meet outside 25 St. Augustine’s Road at 8:00 am

Spring Lane, the footpath past Little Barton House by the railway line then along Bekesbourne Lane taking the second footpath on the left through Woolton Farm, past Farthings Wood and shortly afterwards taking a left into Court Wood towards Littlebourne Road, at the end of this footpath we take the footpath to the left, towards Firdown Wood but turn right before Palmstead Wood proceeding towards the Hoath Farm (footpath).  Bekesbourne Lane to Worcester Lane then through the orchards back to Spring Lane (where the walk concludes) via Little Barton House. 6 miles

Last week’s Reverse The Omicron Walk:

Whitstable via Fordwich, Broad Oak and Chestfield – Thursday, 16 March, 2023

Meet by St.Martin’s Church at 8:30am

Proceed along Stour Valley Way footpath in the direction of Fordwich, then:
over the rail line
Broad Oak
Thornden Wood

About 11 miles

Coffee somewhere in Whitstable or bus back to Canterbury:

Triangle services: 11:44; 12:04; 12:24; 12:44; 13:04; 13:24 (32 mins)

Last week’s Bishopsbourne/Kingston Circle Walk:


Wednesday Walk 15 March, 2023

The WWs will gather near the main gates of the Westgate Gardens at 8:00am.

The walk was called off last week because of inclement weather.
 We will this week, as previously planned, head in the direction of Honey Wood.
The weather forecast is for a possibility of light rain but of course that may change by Wednesday.
The pic is from an earlier walk taken near Vauxhall Road:

Thursday 9 March 2023 – Bishopsbourne, Kingston circle

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The walk is about 13 miles, returning at around 1pm, so bring a packed lunch if required.

Through the hospital, to the rugby field, over Nackington Road. Then past Nackington, over the Bridge road, Whitehill Woods, footpath to Bourne Park Road and Elham valley way through Bishopsbourne to Kingston. Cross the A2 over the bridge, past Higham Park to Patrixbourne. NDW back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Victory Wood:

Wednesday Walk 8 March, 2023

Gather at the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am for this week’s walk.

Our walk will probably take us in the direction of Tyler Hill and Great Hall Wood.
The forecast for Wednesday morning is possible light rain with temperatures between
2 and 4 degrees.
The pic taken last week shows the WWs  in a calm and reflective mood:

SSS 276 – Tuesday 7 March, 2023 – Reverse The Golf Walk

Meet outside 25 St. Augustine’s Road at 8:00 am

Spring Lane and past Little Barton Farmhouse.  We take the Public Footpath, which runs parallel to the railway line, along to Bekesbourne Road, further along we take the footpath, on the left, which runs alongside Palmstead Wood then Firdown Wood.  We cross A257 and walk along Swanton Lane till we get to the site of the old dump, then take the footpath through to Moat Lane/Stodmarsh Road junction.  We cross the road and take the footpath to Scotland Hill, across the Golf Course and then the footpath that runs behind the old barracks, later cutting down to the SVW, which leads us to St. Martin’s Church where the walk ends. 6 miles. 

Last week’s Reverse Toddler’s Coves Walk:

Thursday 2 March, 2023 The Victory Wood Circle in Reverse (A Sean & Barry walk)

Please bring a packed lunch (to be eaten at a convenient stopping place en route)

Meet outside St Augustine’s Abbey (English Heritage) at 8.30am

Proceed towards St. Stephen’s on back roads and paths, then the University, then the Crab and Winkle route – towards Clowes Wood.  We take the footpath down to A290, arriving nearby Red Lion House then walk along the Whitstable Road to Pean Hill, where we turn into Ellenden Wood, making our way to Victory Wood, eventually ending up in Courtenay Road.  The route then goes through North Bishopden Wood, then Church Wood and, via footpaths, back to Canterbury Bus Station where the walk finishes.

Approx. 12 miles.

Last week’s walk to Wye via Waltham: