Wednesday Walk – 3 April, 2024

Meet at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am for a two hour walk followed by coffee at a city centre cafe.

Light rain in the forecast for Wednesday morning but hopefully the weather will be pleasant enough not to spoil our midweek outing. The route and coffee destination will be decided on the day.

The walk last week took us to Tonford, Bigbury Wood and the surrounding orchards.

The pic is of the lads at the start of the walk in Westgate Gardens.

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SSS331 – Tuesday 2 April, 2024 – Nick’s Walk

Meet by the Launderette opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:00am

Toddler’s cove via Lansdown Road

SVW to near Tonford Manor; at the bridge to Thanington turn right (not left) onto the footpath, walk past Tonford Manor, under the A2 then:

Turn left on footpath into Lower Harbledown, through St Nicholas’s Hospital into Harbledown and left at the Church then over the road bridge and through the meadow to the top – towards Blean water tower and right on the footpath to St Dunstan’s back over the railway bridge and then home via Toddler’s Cove and under the ring road bridge by the river or through Westgate Gardens and Greyfriars.  6 miles.

Last week’s Reverse The Les Walk:

Thursday 28 March, 2024 – Sandwich via Goodnestone

Meet 8.30am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road

NDW to Patrixbourne, Shepherd’s Close Road, Adisham, Goodnestone, Staple, Marshborough, over A256, Great Poulders Farm into Sandwich.

The walk is about 14 miles, so a packed lunch is advised, although alternatively there are cafes and pubs in Sandwich. Regular no 43 buses back to Canterbury.

Last week’s Waitrose circle walk:

Wednesday Walk – 27 March, 2024

This coming Wednesday will be the third anniversary of The Wednesday Walk, a day to celebrate! We will meet at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am.

Mud and water avoidance will be the order of the day. Many of our regular walking routes are not suitable at present for a pleasant stroll. The route to take will be decided on the day. There is a low possibility of light rain showers.

The pic from last week is of the lads gathered around John Pedder’s grave in Harbledown, a favourite photo location for all Striders.

SSS330 – Tuesday, 26 March, 2024 – Reverse The Les Walk (The Hole in the Polo)

Meet at 8:00am outside number 67 St. Augustine’s Road (Les’s House)

NDW through Barton Industrial Estate towards Hode Farm but turning left towards Haystack Wood and Bekesbourne Road then turning left for paths by Palmstead Wood leading to the A257 by Fishpoolhill Wood. Footpath through Polo Farm then directly across Stodmarsh Road where we follow the path by the Golf Course until we come to the footpath by Scotland Hills.  Footpaths to and through Old Park Farm then taking the footpath by the side of the Barracks and Querns Estate, crossing the A257 for the path down Babbs Hill, later the St. Augustine’s Triangle, where the walk finishes. 6 miles.

Last week’s Reverse Around the Woods Walk:

Wednesday Walk – 20 March, 2024

Meet at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens near to where the Magnolia tree is now in full bloom. We gather at 8:30am.

There is not much rain in the forecast for Wednesday but we will still be choosing a walk that avoids mud and soft ground.

The pic from last week was taken at the end of the walk, It’s of the lads relaxing at Garage Coffee in Sun Street. We had an enjoyable walk that took us along the river path to ASDA then on through Sturry Community Park joining the cycle path leading back to the city centre.