Thursday 2 February, 2017 – Canterbury to Denton

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane/South Canterbury Road @ 8:30 am

Pett Bottom/Covet Wood/Covert Wood/Denton

About 11/12 miles

Possible lunch at the Jackdaw before bus back to Canterbury – we can decide on the day.

Return by bus:

Number 16 about 20 mins









Last week’s Herne Bay Express Walk – Heading to Herne Bay through Blean Woods (note the ice underfoot)

Thursday 26 January, 2017 Canterbury to Herne Bay (Express Route)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 8:30am

SVW to Fordwich/Sturry/across the railway line and up to Broad Oak/Herne/Herne Bay

About 11 miles

Lunch – maybe the Wallflower Cafe – we can decide en route

Return by bus:

13:07 (6) 43 mins
13:20 (TRIAN) 35 mins
13:35 (TRIAN) 35 mins
13:38 (6) 43 mins
13:50 (TRIAN) 35 mins
14:05 (TRIAN) 35 mins

Last week’s amazing Canterbury South Eastern Circle Route- sunshine all day long (till it got dark at least)


Canterbury South Eastern Circle – Thursday, 19 January, 2017

Although the total mileage is 19 miles +, there are drop off points at Kingston, Wingham and Littlebourne where it is possible to catch a bus back to Canterbury.

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 9:00am.

Elham Valley Way as far as Kingston then cross A2 using the bridleway bridge to Barham Downs, Adisham, Ratling, Goodnestone and upto Gibson’s Farm Shop for lunch – arriving around 12:30/13:00.

The afternoon leg, for those wishing to complete the whole circle, takes the footpath from the Wingham Well Road into Wingham, joining the Ickham/Littlebourne footpaths then crossing to Stodmarsh Road at the corner of Moat Lane and taking the footpath through the Golf Club. The final part will be behind the barracks, across the old assault course and finishing by St Martin’s Church.

Estimated at 19 miles (Kingston 7, Wingham 12, Littlebourne 15)

Last week’s walk to Elham


Canterbury to Elham SSFR1 – Thursday, 12 January, 2017

This should be doable, even we have some rain, quite a bit of it is in the woods (SSFR 1)

Meet corner of South Canterbury Road and Stuppington Lane 8:30

Back of Canterbury Rugby Club/Nackington/Pett Bottom/Gorsley Wood/Westwood/Quilters Wood/Clamberdown/Palmstead/Peafield/Park Gate/Elham

Lunch at the Cosy Tea Rooms 12:30

17 Bus back to Canterbury 13:35 (one after is 14:50)

Approximately 10 miles

Last week’s Canterbury South Circular Walk

Thursday 5 January, 2017 Canterbury South Circular (11 miles)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 9am

Proceed direction North Downs Way but take yellow road onto NDR then cross and take bridge over A2 past Renville, over Bridge Road, through Whitehill Wood, Lower Hardes, Harmansole Farm, Swarling Manor Farm, nearby Kenfield Hall, then up and over the Chartham Downs Road, Larkey Valley Wood, New House Lane, Stuppington Lane back to Canterbury.

About 11 miles – we should be back around 1pm.

Last week’s wonderful walk to Wye via Hassell Street: