Thursday 29 March, 2018 Canterbury – Cosy Folkestone

Meet outside K & C Hospital, corner of Ethelbert and South Canterbury Roads at 8:30am
Silver Striders Fast Route to Elham but with a twist but at Westwood where we take footpaths to Covet Wood then into Covert Wood and then onto Bladbean followed by yellow roads and footpaths to our lunch stop – The Cosy Cafe. If returning to Canterbury by No: 17 bus: 12:35 or 13:35 – journey time is 33 mins. – 10 miles

Afternoon section:
Yellow roads and some footpath to Shuttlesfield, then Paddlesworth; then footpath to Gibraltar Lane, on the side of Hawkinge joining Crete Road West onto Canterbury Road (A260) at the top of Folketone where we walk to the bus stop for the No: 16 gold bus @ Hawkinge, Alkham Valley Corner – 14:32, 14:47, 15:02, 15:17; 15:32; 15:47. Journey time about 40 mins. About 7 miles. If anyone is so minded the footpath continues along the yellow road and eventually to Dover.

Total distance to Folkestone 17 miles.

Last week the Striders approach Faversham along the Saxon Shore Way:

Thursday 22 March, 2018 Canterbury – Faversham via Herne Hill

8:30 Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood through to Courtney Road and through the woods till we get to the

Herne Hill footpath, crossing Thanet Way between Kemdale Wood and Fostall.

Footpaths to Sandbanks Road, Nagden Cottages then SSW into Faversham.

Take bus back or lunch – to be decided
About 12/13 miles

Buses back:

3 (34 mins) 3X (29 mins) 3B (34 mins)

Trains back to the East station: 12:31; 12:41; 13:01; 13:11; 13:31; 13:41; 14:01

Survivors of last week’s North Circular walk:

Thursday, 15 March 2018 Canterbury North Circular

Meet at Abbots Barton Walk (CT1 3AX) – Old Dover Road end at 8:30am (this is just by Ben’s house).

Toddler’s cove via Lansdown Road

SVW to near Tonford Manor; at the bridge to Thanington turn right (not left) onto the footpath, walk past Tonford Manor, under the A2 then:
Turn left on footpath into Lower Harbledown, through St Nicholas’s Hospital into Harbledown and left at the Church then over the road bridge and through the meadow to the top (4 miles at this point) – towards Blean water tower. Cross A290 and walk through the University and then over Hackington Road heading for Alcroft Grange; continue, past Brickhouse Wood, past Barton Wood heading to Broad Oak. At Broad Oak, walk down the main road, direction Sturry, but then take the footpath (east) which goes over the top of an old waste dump and touches the southern extremity of Barton Wood and eventually enters the Hackington Estate. We return on the footpath which leads through the estate and then onto the Beverley and enter Canterbury via St Stephen’s Green.

About 12/14 miles with many possible early finishing points.

Lunch or tea/coffee together in Canterbury is a possibility at the end of the walk.

Last week – the Striders en route between Bishopbourne and Kingston:

Thursday, 8 March 2018 Canterbury – Elham (sort of The Elham Valley Way but not quite)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30 am

The Elham Valley Way (this is longer than the more direct route via Pett Bottom)
Canterbury to Elham (via Bifrons Park/Bridge/Kingston/Barham) plus a minor variation near the end of the walk

13 miles

Lunch or beverage at the Cosy then bus home perhaps?

No 17 Bus from Elham to Canterbury

12:28 (about 40 mins)
12:47 (bus 18)

Last week’s Marley Oval walk near Bihopsbourne Church:

Thursday, 1 March 2018 The Marley Oval

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am

EVW Hode Farm, then footpath to Bridge A2 intersection, then under the A2 and into Bridge – to the Church then EVW through Bishopsbourne to Kingston – at Kingston we take the yellow roads to Marley via Marley Lane and later we take the footpath off to Westwood. From Westwood we take SSFR1 back to Canterbury; via Pett Bottom and Nackington.

13.5 miles

LAST WEEK’s WALK, the Woodlanders in West Blean Nature Reserve: