Selling to Wye Thursday, 3 May, 2018


Meet at Canterbury East Station in time for 8:48 departure

We catch the 0848 from Canterbury East Station to Selling (£4.20).

We alight at 0857 and proceed via Selling village, Perrywood lookout, Shottenden, Wytherling Court, Molash Church, Challock, down towards Eastwell Manor, then straight on towards Kennington.

Find somewhere to eat our packed lunch around midday.

There are various pub en route should we wish to stop for refreshment

14 miles.

Back from Wye Station at 13:11; 13:41; 14:11; 14:41; 15:11; 15:41. Cost £3.85 with railcard.

Buses from Wye:
13:29 48 mins (Bus 1) or 13:20 from The Old Mill, Kennington
**14:42 44 mins (Bus 1X) but leaves from The Old Mill, Kennington (does not go into Wye)
15:54 56 mins (Bus 1A)

Last week’s Herne Bay Express Walk:

Thursday 26 April, 2018 Canterbury to Herne Bay (Express Route)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 8:30am

SVW to Fordwich/Sturry/across the railway line and up to Broad Oak/Herne/Herne Bay

About 11 miles

Lunch – the Wallflower Cafe if we can find seats

Afterwards at the Kavanagh Cinema @ 14:30:
‘My Generation’ Presented by Michael Caine

‘People like me hardly ever got the chance to be actors…..’

Return by bus:

16:53 (TRIAN) 35 mins
17:08 (TRIAN) 35 mins
17:13 (TRIAN) 35 mins
17:23 (TRIAN) 35 mins
17:43 (TRIAN) 35 mins

Last week’s walk near Chillenden:

Thursday, 19 April, 2018 The Chillenden Diamond

Please bring a packed lunch – the weather looks good at the moment.

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am

Follow NDW to Patrixbourne then Shepherds’ Close Road to Bridle Path, yellow road, Woodlands Wood, Cooling Downs down to Pond Lane. Footpath over to behind Nonington then a network of footpaths, finally leading into Chillenden. Leave Chillenden by footpath to Goodnestone then another footpath, which takes us to Love Lane and then back to Canterbury via Adisham.

Distance approx 18 miles

Last week ‘a bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes, were walking out along the open road’ on Marshland near Wickhambreaux:

Thursday, 12 April, 2018 The Wickhambreaux Circle

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am

We may need to improvise somewhat on the route, as last time we did it in September 2017 one of the bridges had started to disintegrate – never mind ‘nothing stops a Silver Strider’.

Canterbury to Fordwich to Stodmarsh to Grove Ferry (through the Nature Reserve) then on to the Wickhambreaux Valley and slowly down to Wichambreaux. Lunch at The Rose, Wickhambreaux thence a short trek to Littlebourne for bus or walk back to Canterbury

About 11 miles if finishing at Littlebourne – about 15 if finishing at Canterbury

Buses from Littlebourne to Canterbury about 13 mins

From last week’s walk – Sibertswold to Canterbury (these men mean business):

Thursday – 5 April, 2018 – Sibertswold to Littlebourne/Canterbury

Sibertswold to Littleborne (about 10 miles)
The walk can be extended by another 5 miles by walking back to Canterbury via Patrixbourne – making a total of 15 miles.

Packed lunch (to be eaten somewhere near Littlebourne?)

Meet at Canterbury East to catch 9:20 train to Sibertswold (Shepherds Well) – 10 mins journey time. Cost £3:65 with Railcard.

Sibertswold/Barfrestone/Nonington/Goodnestone/Muddy Bush Corner/Bramling Downs/Littlebourne (on to Canterbury if desired)

Plenty of buses back to Canterbury from Littlebourne – journey time around 13 minutes

Last week’s ‘Cosy Folkestone Walk’ just above Elham: