Selling to Wye Thursday, 3 May, 2018


Meet at Canterbury East Station in time for 8:48 departure

We catch the 0848 from Canterbury East Station to Selling (£4.20).

We alight at 0857 and proceed via Selling village, Perrywood lookout, Shottenden, Wytherling Court, Molash Church, Challock, down towards Eastwell Manor, then straight on towards Kennington.

Find somewhere to eat our packed lunch around midday.

There are various pub en route should we wish to stop for refreshment

14 miles.

Back from Wye Station at 13:11; 13:41; 14:11; 14:41; 15:11; 15:41. Cost £3.85 with railcard.

Buses from Wye:
13:29 48 mins (Bus 1) or 13:20 from The Old Mill, Kennington
**14:42 44 mins (Bus 1X) but leaves from The Old Mill, Kennington (does not go into Wye)
15:54 56 mins (Bus 1A)

Last week’s Herne Bay Express Walk:

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