Thursday 9 February 2023 – The Bottoms and Bossingham

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The route is about 14 miles, returning around 1.30pm so bring a packed lunch if required.

Past the rugby field, Nackington Road, Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Little Eaton Farm. Path along Pett Bottom valley to Westwood Farm, then take path through Lynsore Bottom, to Bossingham. Then footpath to Bossingham Church, Stone Street, Dane Chantry, Petham. Through Kenfield Hall parkland to the Chartham Downs road. Path through Rabbit Wood to New House Farm, back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Faversham:

Wednesday Walk 8 February, 2023

We’ll be meeting as usual 8:30am at the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens.

There is more of the area to explore where the proposed reservoir is to be sited.
The walk may take us in the direction of Broad Oak.
The pic from the last walk was taken on the Trades Union’s day of action.
You’ll be pleased to observe the lads decided to picket the Sarre Penn.

SSS272 – Tuesday 7 February,2023 – Reverse The Don’s Walk

Meet @ 8 am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road

Proceed to Spring Lane then Little Barton House, then through the Orchard Route leading to Bekesbourne Lane crossing onto the footpath behind Hoath Farm.  Onwards to Firdown Wood and then on to the footpath towards Swanton Lane (crossing A257).  Then left onto the footpath over the old dump, when you get to the open field proceed north-west to the far right-hand corner to connect with the footpath through to Stodmarsh Road.  Cross the Christchurch sports field and take the footpath through to Fordwich and then the ‘wall of death’ through to Moat Lane and then along the road for the footpath that leads through the golf course, later joining the SVW and then back towards St Martin’s Church where the walk finishes.

6 miles.

Last Tuesday’s Reverse Around the Woods Walk:

Thursday 2 February, 2023 Canterbury – Faversham via Herne Hill

Meet @ 8:30am outside the launderette (opposite St. Mary Bredin Church).

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood through to Courtney Road and through the woods till we get to the

Herne Hill footpath, crossing Thanet Way between Kemdale Wood and Fostall.

Footpaths to Sandbanks Road, Nagden Cottages then SSW into Faversham.

Take bus back or lunch – to be decided
About 12/13 miles

Buses back (either 3 or X3):

12:23; 12:53; 13:23; 13:53; 14:23

Trains back to the East station: 12:27; 13:27; 14:27 (£4.05 with railcard)

Last week’s Villages Walk (clockwise):

Wednesday Walk 1 February, 2023

The midweek walkers will gather at the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am.
The walk this week will explore the area between Tyler Hill and Broad Oak.
This is the area for the proposed new reservoir that may become operational in 2033.
The pic from last week is of WWs about to set off for a walk that went via Rough Common,
Church Wood, Blean and Tyler Hill.

SSS271 – Tuesday, 31 January, 2023 – Reverse Around the Woods Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the hospital – junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road

Walk to Rugby Club then, via Nackington to Bridge Road and into Whitehill Wood: where four paths cross, carry straight on and, at the next junction, take the path furthest to the right and continue straight ahead.  At the footpath bifurcation, bear left, joining School Lane, head down the hill towards Pett Bottom, at the bottom of the hill, by the Duck, turn left, onto Pett Bottom Road.  Proceed along the road to Little Eaton Farm joining the footpath on the left, back to Whitehill Woods. We keep to the righthand footpath until we begin to exit the woods, where we take the left hand footpath and, at the next footpath junction, turn right, through the orchard, across Bridge Road, then along the footpath by the side of the poly tunnels until we reach the fire break where we descend the hill and cross to the footpath, returning us to the Nackington footpath and back the way we came.

About 7 miles.

Last week’s Reverse Nick’s Walk:

Thursday 26 January 2023 – Villages walk (clockwise)

Meet 8.30am St Martin’s Church

The walk is about 15 miles, with short cuts available from Littlebourne (by bus) or Patrixbourne (NDW back to Canterbury). There are ample churches for a lunch stop.

Pick up Stour Valley walk through Fordwich to Stodmarsh. Then to Wickhambreaux, Ickham, pass close to Littlebourne through Lower Garrington Farm, Bekesbourne, Patrixbourne, Bridge, Whitehill woods, Nackington, home past the rugby ground.

Last week’s sunny walk to Elham:

Wednesday Walk 25 January, 2023

The walk will start from the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am

The forecast for Wednesday morning is light cloud and light winds. It will be cold with
temperatures not rising above 3 degrees. Perfect walking conditions!
The frosty pic from last week was taken near Stock Wood:

SSS270 – Tuesday, 24 January, 2023 – Reverse Nick’s Walk

Reverse Nick’s Walk

Meet at St. Mary Bredin Church at 8:00am

Toddler’s cove via Lansdown Road

Cross Toddler’s Cove, walk under the ring road bridge and then over the railway bridge, across to St. Dunstan’s Terrace, over London Road ending up on the footpath towards Rough Common.  When we are near the Blean water tower we turn left and walk down towards the Harbledown Bridge – crossing into Harbledown and walking through the grounds of St Nicholas’s Hospital.  We then take the footpath under the A2 bridge and work our way down to the Chartham Cycle path, by the Thannington footbridge over the Stour, turn left and back to Toddler’s Cover then under the ring road, towards the East Station and Lansdown Road where the walk concludes. 6 miles

Last week’s The Steve’s Walk:


Thursday – 19 January, 2023 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Elham (Huw’s Way)

**Packed Lunch** or there is the Cosy or the King’s Arms in the square, which was quite good last time we visited.

This one starts at 8:30am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road and takes the Francigena to Patrixbourne. Then to Bridge via Bifrons Park.
Then there is a path crossing the Nailbourne to Crows Camp Hill just above Bishopsbourne.
We take a footpath from here and then a sharp left into Charlton Wood and then on to Heart’s delight via Marley.
We now follow the Elham Valley Way into Covert Wood, but on leaving the wood we go on the road to Bladbean Farm, and then on road and paths to Upper park gate Farm. From there we descend by road and path into Elham and, maybe, for Tea/Coffee/Beer before taking the bus back to Canterbury. About 12 miles.

Buses to Canterbury at 12:42 or 13:42

Last week’s walk Herne Bay (mud-avoidance) Walk: