Thursday – 4 May, 2017 – Canterbury to Faversham via Perrywood and Sheldwich

Please bring a packed lunch

8:30 Meet at junction of Old Dover Road/Nunnery Fields/Oaten Hill

Proceed to Harbledown/London Road roundabout/Golden Hill

Towards Chartham Hatch via No Man’s Orchard

Hunstead Wood/Nickie Wood/Bower Wood/Ash Stubb/Beech Pollard/Rhode Common

Perrywood/Shepherds Hill/Lees Court/Sheldwich

Old Badgin’s Road/Badgin Wood/Whitehill/Vicarage Lane

Footpath that goes across Brogdale Road and out to the A2 in Faversham close to the Town Centre and Station

Approx: 15 miles (break for packed lunch at around 10 miles)

Bus from Faversham to Canterbury: 3, 3A, 3B, 3X (about 30 mins) – lots of buses.

Train from Faversham to Canterbury East

8 and 24 mins past the hour (about 12 mins)

Last week’s walk to Wye via Hassle Street (Barry & Nick decided to add a further 7 miles by walking to Chilham after lunch at the Tickled Trout)

Thursday – 27 April, 2017 Canterbury to Wye (via Waltham and Hassle Street)

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane and South Canterbury Road 8:30 am

Proceed to New House Lane toward Kenfield Hall, then Petham, Mounts Wood, Hassell Street, then West to the Wye Downs, Wye.

When we last did this, on 29 December, 2016, it clocked 12.9 miles

Lunch at the one of The King’s Head, Wye Coffee Shop & Kitchen or The Tickled Trout

Back by train to Canterbury West:

13:11, 13:38, 14:11, 14:41, 15:11, 15:41

Cost (with Silver Striders railcard) £3:70

Last week’s very sunny walk crossing Bramling Downs en route to Littlebourne

Thursday – 20 April, 2017 – Sibertswold to Littlebourne (about 10 miles)

Thursday – 20 April, 2017 – Sibertswold to Littleborne (about 10 miles) – this walk offers a slight variation to previous walks between these villages by approaching Littlebourne from south of the A257

Packed lunch

Meet at Canterbury East to catch 9:20 train to Sibertswold (Shepherds Well) – 10 mins journey time. Cost £3:55 with Railcard.

Sibertswold/Barfrestone/Nonington/Goodnestone/Muddy Bush Corner/Bramling Downs/Littlebourne – about 10 miles.

At Littlebourne there is the Pub, should one desire refreshment; the Bus back – 13:02, 13:24, 13:42, 14:02, 14:23, 14:42, 14:56, 15:02 etc. all take 13 mins.

On last week’s walk near Hastingleigh Church

Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Wye to Elham via Hastingleigh

Thursday – 13 April, 2017

Meet Canterbury West station for train to Wye @ 9:06 cost £3.70 with railcard, arrives 9:20

Wye/Hastingleigh/Lymbridge Green/Rhodes Minnis/Elham

Leisurely pace should get us there in 4 hours.

Enjoy the luxuries on offer at the Cosy Tea Rooms then……

17 Bus back to Canterbury 14:50 (one after is 16:20)

Accurate mileage 10 miles

Lonesome Striders from last week’s sunny walk to Whitstable