Thursday – 30 March, 2017 @ 8:30 – Canterbury to Wye (Packed lunch) – 11 miles

Packed lunch

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road @ 8:30

Proceed to Garlinge Green (possibly via Larkey Wood)

Through the Wildwood to Crundale

Up and down the fields to Crundale Church – Lunch Break

Down to the Farm in the Valley (where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison as Bob Dylan says)

Up again to the top of the downs and then down to Wye via the radio mast site

11 miles (more or less)

A beer at the Tickled Trout maybe…..before the long journey back to Canterbury.

Trains back to Canterbury West:

13:11 (16 mins)

13:38 (12 mins)

14:11 (16 mins)

14:41 (12 mins)

15:11 (16 mins)

£3.70 with Railcard

Last week’s walk to Sandwich (14 miles)

Thursday 23 March, 2017 – SANDWICH -via Wingham (Gibson’s)


Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

NDW to Patrixbourne/Shepherd’s Close Road/FPs to Adisham/Bossington/Neavy Downs/Gibson’s Farmshop (lunch stop)

LUNCH: The Hungry Strider Breakfast or something less hearty
The eponymous ‘Hungry Farmer’:
Afternoon take Goodnestone Road/Twitham Hill/Crixhall Court/Buckland Lane/Summerfield Farm/Black Pond Farm/Beacon Hill/Marshborough – Vine Farm/Great Poulder’s Farm/Sandwich

Distance 15 miles (official)
or leave halfway at Wingham (lots of buses to Canterbury) for a shorter walk?

Buses from Sandwich to Canterbury:

Buses 13 13A 14 (around 45 mins)

14:12 14:29 14:57 15:13 15:29 15:57

Last week’s walk, in King’s Wood, en route to Wye via Bilting

Thursday, 16 March, 2017 Canterbury to Wye via Chilham (about 12 miles)

Meet corner of South Canterbury Road and Stuppington Lane at 8:30


On to New House Lane then through Larkey Valley Wood to join footpath to Chilham

Anyone who fancies a shorter walk (5/6 miles) could catch the train back at Chilham (to Canterbury West) – trains leave 11:17; 12:17.

Onward towards Wye but come down from the Downs just after Bilting to Home Farm and take this footpath to Wye

About 12 miles

Trains back from Wye to Canterbury West:

12:38; 13:11; 13:38; 14:11; 14:41 (Cost £3:70 with Railcard)

From last week’s Canterbury Western Circle Walk:

Thursday, 9 March, 2017 Canterbury Western Circle

8:30 Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood but, this time, through to Bishopsden and Bossenden woods, eventually to Dunkirk

Walk over the A2 bridge at Dunkirk and along the edge of Poundfall Wood down to Forester’s Lodge Farm and then take the footpath into South Bishops Den wood. Various footpaths through to Podhurst Farm, cut down to Bigbury, back over the A2 bridge and into Harbledown then Canterbury.

Lunch is a possibility somewhere in Canterbury: to be decided during walk.

About 12 miles

Last week’s walk, where the Striders play pathfinders in the Wickhambreaux Valley (more like a marsh with some dry paths through it), en route to the Rose Inn in the village