Thursday 9 February, 2017 Canterbury Eastern Circle

Meet outside 25 St. Augustine’s Road at 8:30am

North Holmes Road, St Radigund’s, St. Stephen’s, footpath by the Beverley to Hales Place

Hackington, West Blean Wood, East Blean Wood, Hoath, Chislet, Grove Ferry, Stour Valley Walk,

Stodmarsh, Fordwich, Canterbury.

About 15 miles

Packed Lunch

There is the possiblitiy to take the bus back at Grove Ferry (about 10/11 miles at this point)

Return by bus:

12:31 (8A) 31 mins
12:46 (8) 31 mins
12:52 (9) 30 mins
13:00 (8A) 31 mins
13:16 (8) 31 mins
13:31 (8A) 31 mins
13:46 (8) 31 mins

Last week’s hilly Denton adventure:

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