Thursday, 24 November, 2016 – Teynham to Lenham

This week Huw is in charge of the maps.

This is next week’s walk – prepared by me, delegated for this week from chief walk creator John.

Train to Teynham, then to Lynsted, then via Sharsted Plantation to Doddington; then via Jackson’s Wood, Solomon’s Cottages to Payden St Farm and then to Lenham station.

I estimate it at 20km, 12.5 miles, probably 5 hours.

These are the likely trains for the walk:

Canterbury East to Lenham 8.22 – 8.42 £9.00
9.09 – 9.29 £9.00
9.48 – 10.08 £9.00 or £5.06 for oldies

Lenham – Canterbury West 13.36 – 14.27 £12.20 or £8.05 for oldies
14.36 – 15.27 £12.20 or £8.05 for oldies
15.36 – 16.27 £12.20 or £8.05 for oldies

We could do a packed lunch or stop for a lunch in the Harrow Inn at Warren Street – a slight detour from Payden Street or the pub in Doddington..

If we get the 9.48 arriving at Tenham at 10.08, this should give us an arrival at Lenham in time for the 15.36.


Last week’s Faversham from the south side walk:


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