Thursday – 15 November, 2018 – FAVERSHAM (approached from the South)

8:30 Meet corner of Old Dover Road/Nunnery Fields/Oaten Hill

London Road Roundabout
Proceed along Mill Lane and North Downs Way
Bridge across A2
Podhurst Farm
Denstead Wood/Court Wood/Winterbourne Wood
South Street/Brenley/Westwood Court
Faversham – Either return on arrival or lunch at a Faversham Eatery
13 miles

Plenty of buses or:
Trains (£3.65 with Railcard)
12:10, 12:26, 13:10, 13:26, 14:10, 14:26, 15:10 (11/13 MINS)

Last week’s Selling to Wye walk:

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