Gunpowder Plot, Thursday, 29 August, 2019

***PACKED LUNCH*** to be eaten en route
This week’s new walk created and led by Huw.
Meet at Canterbury East Station to catch 09:09 train to Faversham. Return ticket with Railcard is £3.95 (note we shall return from Selling but the return from Faversham will cover this).

Walk from Faversham station to the Gunpowder park. This is 3km.
We can spend some time wandering around it as it is a fascinating bit of industrial archaeology.
Then we walk up to Cherry Tree Drive which is where we join the Swales Heritage trail.
Quite soon after we turn off the trail left at Deerton Street and go straight to Lewson St crossing the A2.
Then a mixture of yellow road and footpath passing The Trefoil and going near Rushett to join the yellow road just by Stuppington Farm.
Passing under the M2 along Elverland lane then left on a footpath to Scott’s Farm.
Right on to a footpath through Painter’s Forstal and footpath to Badgin’s Wood, then yellow road and a bit of the A251 to Sheldwich.
Take the footpath by the church to Hogben’s Hill, then yellow road past Selling church and then right on to a footpath to the station.
Estimated distance 15 miles.
Afternoon tea at Sondes café before we return on the train from Selling station.
Trains from Selling Station at 14:31; 14:56; 15:31; 16:02; 16:34 (Journey time less than 10 mins).

Last week’s Selling to Wye walk.

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