Canterbury to Elham (via Bossingham and Stelling Minnis) – Thursday, 1 August, 2019

Meet outside the hospital: junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road @ 8:30 am

Footpath to Rugby Club then Nakington, follow on through Whitehill Wood but this time we take the yellow road down to The Duck. We then take the footpath to Broxhall Wood, Broxhall Road then path down by Hardres Court Farm, along the road to the footpath, which leads to Bossingham. We follow a bit of yellow road but then take the footpath through Atchester Wood, then yellow roads along to Stelling Minnis where we take the footpath through Elhampark Wood to Upper Park Gate Farm then straight down and into (road/footpath) Elham.

Packed lunch or The Cosy Tea Rooms or both

Approximately 12 miles.

Number 17 Bus back to Canterbury:


earlier would be 12:42, later would be 14:50

Last week’s Dojo Circle Walk, which, to some extent, succeeded in keeping us in the shade:

Thursday, 25 July, 2019 The Dojo Circle (heat reduction walk)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 8:00am – note earlier start time to avoid midday heat
Out on SVW/NDW route to Hode Lane, then upto A2 junction, cross the road and head for NDW direction Highham Court, cross over A2 bridge and onto footpath over Bourne Park to Frog Lane, thence Crows Camp Road and eventually footpath back tracing the west side of Gorsley Wood. Pett Bottom/Whitehill Wood/Nackington/Rugby Club/Hospital where the walk finishes. Estimated at 10 miles. It will be hot so please bring plenty of water.

Last week’s walk to Herne Bay:

Thursday, 11 July, 2019 Canterbury to Selsted

Meet 8.30am K&C Hospital, junction of South Canterbury and Ethelbert Road.

To rugby ground, Nackington Road, Nackington, Whitehall Wood, Pett Bottom road, footpath to Westwood Farm, Covet Wood Farm, Colehill Wood, Dane Farm, Bladbean, Wingmore, North Elham (escape route for those who want the Cosy Tea Room and bus back), Rakehole Farm, Selsted.

Likely finish 12.30/1pm so bring some food or wait until we get home.

Approx. 12 miles. Led by Nick.

Bus 16 back, three an hour, 1255, 1315, 1335 etc

Last week’s Chillenden Diamond Walk:

Thursday, 4 July, 2019 The Chillenden Diamond

Please bring a packed lunch – the weather looks good at the moment.

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am

Follow NDW to Patrixbourne then Shepherds’ Close Road to Bridle Path, yellow road, Woodlands Wood, Cooling Downs down to Pond Lane. Footpath over to behind Nonington then a network of footpaths, finally leading into Chillenden. Leave Chillenden by footpath to Goodnestone then another footpath, which takes us to Love Lane and then back to Canterbury via Adisham.

Distance approx 18 miles

Last week’s Canterbury to Swalecliffe Walk:

Thursday, 27 June, 2019 – Canterbury to Swalecliffe

**Packed lunch**

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30am

Proceed to Stour Valley Way footpath past St Martin’s Church
over the rail line
Broad Oak
Through West Blean Wood to Sheepfold
Chestfield Golf Club
Chestfiled and Swalecliffe Station then roads to Tankerton Beach for lunch, then walk to Whitstable for bus back to Canterbury in the early afternoon.
About 12 miles

Last week’s Woodland Circular Walk

Thursday, 20 June, 2019 – Woodland Circular Walk


Meet by Abbotts Barton Walk – next to Ben’s house @ 8:30am

Then ODR/Landsdown Road/Toddler’s Cove/Whitehall Road/St. Dunstan’s Terrace/The Cemetery/footpatho up to Rough Common.

Later out of the woods, crossing A290 at Blean, taking the footpath to Amery Court and then into Clowes Wood. At Gypsy Corner cross into Thornden Wood, then West Blean Wood, New Road then cut down by the side of Belce Wood and onto Broad Oak Road/Sturry/Fordwich and back along SVW to Canterbury.

Approximately 14 miles

Last week’s Wingham Circle Walk

Thursday, 13 June, 2019 The Wingham Circle

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 8:30

Proceed in direction of Patrixbourne, then footpaths to Adisham Church, Love Lane, Church Wood, Gibson’s Farm Shop (we should be there for the breakfast menu).

If anyone wishes for a shorter walk, halfway is Wingham, where there are regular buses back to Canterbury.

Wingham Church, footpaths to Wicambreaux then Wickham Court Lane and footpath to Swanton Lane, Firdown Wood, Palmstead Wood, Bekesbourne Road, Haystack Wood, Spring Lane, Canterbury.

Around 16 miles

Last week’s walk between Hollingbourne and Wye:

Thursday – 6 June, 2019 – Hollingbourne to Wye

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at Canterbury West Station to catch the 09:05 train to Hollingbourne (49m direct), arriving at 9:54. The ticket is £10:75 return with railcard but worth it for this very pleasant walk.

This walk is a redux of the second last day of the Winchester/Canterbury walk enjoyed by the original fellowship group (Keith/Huw/Don/John) on 28 April, 2006 (Thurnham to Boughton Aluph).

A walk of less than a mile from Hollingbourne Station brings us to the North Downs Way; we continue along this track to Wye Station for the return train journey to Canterbury. In the region of 17 miles with a lunch stop between Charing and Eastwell.

Return trains from Wye to Canterbury:
14:41; 15:11; 15:41; 16:11; 16:41; 17:11

Last week’s ‘Huw’s Way’ walk to Elham:

Thursday – 30 May, 2019 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Elham (Huw’s Way)

**Packed Lunch**
This one starts at 8:30am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road and takes the Francigena to Patrixbourne. Then to Bridge via Bifrons Park.
Then there is a path crossing the Nailbourne to Crows Camp Hill just above Bishopsbourne.
We take a footpath from here and then a sharp left into Charlton Wood and then on to Heart’s delight via Marley.
We now follow the Elham Valley Way into Covert Wood, but on leaving the wood we go on the road to Bladbean Farm, and then on road and paths to Upper park gate Farm. From there we descend by road and path into Elham and the Cosy Tea Rooms for Tea/Coffee before taking the bus back to Canterbury. About 11 miles. Walk leader is Huw.

**At some point, close to midday, we can hopefully find somewhere welcoming (a patch of turf or some logs) to eat our lunch**

Buses to Canterbury at 12:42 or 13:42 – journey time 33 mins

Last week’s Canterbury to Wye walk: