Thursday, 2 May, 2019 – Canterbury South Circular

Meet at junction of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road at 8:30am

Proceed to New House Lane then into Larkey Valley Wood to Chartham Downs Road. Then we take the yellow road by Perry Hill Shaw and the footpath that eventually leads to Sappington Court then footpath to Kenfield Road. We now cross over the yellow road for the footpath to Swarling Manor Farm later crossing Stone Street and taking the footpath by Harmansole Farm to Lower Hardes, then past the Church and through Whitehill Wood and over Bridge Road for the path to Renville and over the quiet bridge, finally crossing New Dover Road and to the Hode Farm lane and footpaths to join the NDW/EVW path, past Barton Industrial Estate into Pilgrims’ Way and St Augustine’s Road where the walk finishes. 12 miles.

From last Thursday’s walk between Hastingleigh and Elham:

Thursday – 25 April, 2019 Wye to Elham via Hastingleigh

Please bring a packed lunch but you could eat at the Cosy as an alternative

Meet Canterbury West station for train to Wye @ 9:05 cost £3.90 with railcard, arrives 9:19

Wye/Hastingleigh/Lymbridge Green/Rhodes Minnis/Elham

A leisurely pace should get us there in 3 1/2 hours. Tea or coffee at the Cosy is a possibility.

Buses at 12:42 or 13:42 – journey time 33 mins

Accurate mileage 10 miles

Last week’s North Downs Wye Walk (could it be the yellow brick road?):

Thursday, 18 April,2019 North Downs Wye

This walk follows the North Down’s Way route to Wye from Canterbury.

**Packed Lunch** but we’re hoping to try out the cafe at Perry Court Farm for Tea before catching the train back to Canterbury.

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Fields with Old Dover Road – opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:30 – Walk Leader is Nick

London Road roundabout/footpath to Bigberry/Chartham Hatch/Old Wives Lees/down Long Hill and into Chilham/Mountain Street/King’s Wood/Boughton Lees/Wye. 15 miles.

Buses back are not frequent; the train from Wye to Canterbury West (£3.90 with railcard):
12:41; 13:11; 13:41; 14:11; 14:41; 15:11

Last week’s Wickhambreaux Circle Walk:

Thursday, 11 April, 2019 The Wickhambreaux Circle

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am


Canterbury to Fordwich to Stodmarsh to Grove Ferry (through the Nature Reserve) then on to the Wickhambreaux Valley and slowly down to Wichambreaux. Lunch somewhere near Wickhambreaux, thence a short trek to Littlebourne and through the woods towards Swanton Lane but cutting down, crossing the A257, towards Court Wood, Jacob’s Close, Firdown Wood, The Hoath Farm and then taking the footpath towards Little Barton, Spring Lane and back into Canterbury. For a shorter walk one could drop off at Littlebourne and catch the bus back to Canterbury.

About 12 miles if finishing at Littlebourne – about 16 mies if finishing at Canterbury.

Last week’s Canterbury Western Circle Walk:

Thursday, 4 April, 2019 Canterbury Western Circle (clockwise this time)

8:30am Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Harbledown/Bigbury/Podhurst Farm then various paths across to South Bishops Den/Forester’s Lodge Farm/Poundfall Wood – bridge over A2

Dunkirk/Bossenden Woods and on to Church Wood then onto Rough Common and back to Canterbury along the footpath behind Kent College and towards the cemetery.

Lunch is a possibility somewhere in Canterbury: to be decided during walk.

About 14 miles

Last week’s walk from Sibertswold to Canterbury:

Thursday – 28 March, 2019 – Sibertswold to Littlebourne/Canterbury

Sibertswold to Canterbury (about 15 miles) or stop at Littlebourne and catch the bus (about 10 miles)

Packed lunch (to be eaten somewhere near Littlebourne?)

Meet at Canterbury East to catch the 9:22 train to Sibertswold (Shepherds Well) – 10 mins journey time. Cost £3:70 with Railcard.

Sibertswold/Barfrestone/Nonington/Goodnestone/Muddy Bush Corner/Bramling Downs/Littlebourne (on to Canterbury if desired)

Plenty of buses back to Canterbury from Littlebourne – journey time around 13 minutes

Last week’s Canterbury to Faversham via Herne Hill Walk:

Thursday 21 March, 2019 Canterbury – Faversham via Herne Hill

8:30 Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood through to Courtney Road and through the woods till we get to the

Herne Hill footpath, crossing Thanet Way between Kemdale Wood and Fostall.

Footpaths to Sandbanks Road, Nagden Cottages then SSW into Faversham.

Take bus back or lunch – to be decided
About 12/13 miles

Buses back:

3 (34 mins) 3X (29 mins) 3B (34 mins)

Trains back to the East station: 12:26; 13:10; 13:26; 14:10; 14:26

Last week’s walk to Whitstable:

Thursday, 7 March, 2019. The Marley Oval

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30am

Last year we completed this walk in fairly deep snow on 1 March, 2018 – it was wonderful!

EVW Hode Farm, then footpath to Bridge A2 intersection, then under the A2 and into Bridge – to the Church then EVW through Bishopsbourne to Kingston – at Kingston we take the yellow roads to Marley via Marley Lane and later we take the footpath off to Westwood. From Westwood we take SSFR1 back to Canterbury; via Pett Bottom and Nackington.

13.5 miles

Last week’s Northern Circle Walk:

Thursday, 28 February, 2019 – Canterbury Northern Circle

This is the same walk we did on 13 December last year but in reverse.

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road at 8:30 am

Walk over to North Holmes Road, St. Radigunds, West Station Roundabout, through the tunnel and onto St Stephen’s Green then across to Hales Place and onto the footpath through Hackington towards Alcroft Grange then South to North through West Blean Nature Reserve then working across Sheepfold, the Golf Course, later crossing Radfall Road at Chestfield. We then head South through Clowes Wood towards Amery Court, later we cross into Church Wood and make our way to Rough Common, then the footpath back to St Dunstan’s and into the City.
Mileage 17 miles.

Last week’s Canterbury to Elham (via Bossingham and Stelling Minnis) Walk: