The Bossingham Loop (in reverse) – Thursday 5 December, 2019

**Please bring a packed lunch to be eaten en route**

Meet at junction of Nunnery Road with Nunnery Fields at 8:30am

Proceed To Zealand Road, then Lime Kiln Road, then footpath over to Hollow Lane, later New House Lane and footpath to Chartham Downs Road. Proceed towards Kenfield Hall then footpath towards Petham, the Village Hall and past the Church, eventually leading to the footpath towards Stone Street – coming out by Upper Hardes Wood, then yellow road into Bossingham. Going east, out of Bossingham, we take the footpath, which leads through Atchester Wood and then NNE to Clamberdown. Yellow Road towards Quilters Wood, where we take the footpath to the East of the wood towards Westwood and then Reed’s Mill and up to Reed Farm. At the crossroads we turn left on the yellow road and then take the footpath on the right to Bishopsbourne. We walk on to the footpath, which brings us out to the B road opposite to Highland Court Farm and cross the road towards the footbridge over the A2, then NDW towards Patrixbourne, later Hode Lane (NDW/EVW) through to the Barton Industrial Estate and into Canterbury. (18 miles)

Possibly stop en route somewhere for refreshment.

Last week’s Canterbury Eastern Circle walk:

Thursday, 28 November, 2019 Canterbury Eastern Circle

**Packed Lunch**

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

Proceed to St Martin’s, then SVW to Fordwich. Footpath to the South of Westbere Lakes then up, over the railway line, through Westbere and the streets of Sturry to footpaths to the East of Herne Bay Road towards Woodlands Farm then crossing the road into Farthings Wood. Through East Blean Wood but working down towards Hackington, St Stephen’s Green and back into Canterbury – stopping for a coffee/tea/beer in town having already eaten lunch en route. (12/13 miles)

Last week’s Badlands of Badlesmere walk:

Thursday, 21 November, 2019 The Badlands of Badlesmere

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Fields with Old Dover Road – opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:30

London Road roundabout/footpath to Bigberry/Chartham Hatch/Primrose Hill/Denstead Wood/Rhode Common/Perry Wood/Stocking Wood/Badlesmere.

There is the Red Lion in Badlesmere or we can visit somewhere in Faversham should we fancy some refreshment.

Buses back to Canterbury (change at Faversham)
bus 666 – 12:59; 13:59; 15:26; 16:26
We take bus 3X from Faversham back to Canterbury – whole journey one hour.

Distance: 14 miles

Last week’s Stour Valley Way to Stourmouth and Wingham walk – sheltering from the rain in a hide on the Stodmarsh Nature Reserve:

Thursday 7 November, 2019 Canterbury to Wye (via Chilham & Bilting)

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Road with Nunnery Fields @ 8:30am

Proceed: Zealand Road, Lime Kiln Road, Footpath, Hollow Lane, New House Lane, Footpath to Strangers Lane then take the upper footpath to Chartham and then follow the same path, passing the Lakes, to Bagham. Walk towards Chilham but then follow Mountain Street into King’s Wood. When our footpath lines up above Bilting (below), we take the footpath down to the A28, cross the main road and then follow the footpath towards Wye (crossing the railway line). We can eat our lunch en route but perhaps take a coffee/tea at the cafe in Wye, alternatively we could take the train straight back to Canterbury West. Distance 12 miles.

Trains leave from Wye to Canterbury West at 11 and 41 minutes past the hour. Fare with railcard £3.90

Last week walking between Sittingbourne and Faversham on the Saxon Shore Way:

Swale Saxon Shore Walk – Thursday – 31 October, 2019

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at Canterbury East Station to catch 9:09 train to Sittingbourne – return ticket £6.20 with railcard.

From Sittingbourne Station we head East and then South into and through the industrial estate following the footpath, ending up on the Saxon Shore Way which follows the Swale to Conyer, continuing East until we turn South into Oare Creak. On reaching Oare village we take road and footpath into Faversham. We could take refreshment at Wetherspoons (or somewhere else) before taking the train or bus back to Canterbury.

Estimated at 12 miles.

Last week’s Royal Victoria Pavilion between Birchington and Ramsgate:

The Royal Victoria Pavilion Walk – Thursday, 24 October, 2019

Meet 8:30 am at Canterbury Bus Station (Bay C2) for Bus 8 towards Westwood Cross, which the Striders will disembark at Birchington (bus departs Canterbury 8:40am).

Walk leaders Barry and Nick will then guide the Silver Striders, along a 380m ascent, to the Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate where the walk concludes. About 12 miles.

Bus Route 9 at 13:20 or 14:20 seems the best bet however, the journey back is shown as 65 mins.

Last week’s walk to Elham (John Millais contemplates his next Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece):


Thursday – 17 October, 2019 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Elham (Huw’s Way)

**Packed Lunch**
This one starts at 8:30am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road and takes the Francigena to Patrixbourne. Then to Bridge via Bifrons Park.
Then there is a path crossing the Nailbourne to Crows Camp Hill just above Bishopsbourne.
We take a footpath from here and then a sharp left into Charlton Wood and then on to Heart’s delight via Marley.
We now follow the Elham Valley Way into Covert Wood, but on leaving the wood we go on the road to Bladbean Farm, and then on road and paths to Upper park gate Farm. From there we descend by road and path into Elham and, maybe, for Tea/Coffee/Beer before taking the bus back to Canterbury. About 11 miles.

**At some point, close to midday, we can hopefully find somewhere welcoming (a patch of turf or some logs) to eat our lunch**

Buses to Canterbury at 12:42 or 13:42 – journey time 33 mins

Last week’s Canterbury to Dover walk:

Thursday, 10 October, 2019 – Canterbury to Dover (Packed Lunch)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

Packed lunch to be eaten en route. There are some possible stops for refreshment en route – to be decided on the day.

Proceed on NDW as far as Patrixbourne then yellow roads and footpaths to Womenswold rejoining NDW and proceeding to Sibertswold. We continue to Coldred on NDW but then leave it in favour of yellow roads to Whitfield, where we weave through footpath and streets to get over to the footpath running by the side of the A2 and later crossing A256. We then rejoin NDW, to and through the necropolis and into Dover and then to Dover Priory station.

Estimated distance 17 miles

Trains from Dover Priory to Canterbury East, cost £5.75 with railcard:
14:18; 14:52; 15:18; 15:48; 16:20; 16:55

Last week’s walk – Nick’s Loop:

Thursday 3 October, 2019 – Nick’s Loop

Meet 8.30am, junction of Nunnery Fields and South Canterbury Road
Nunnery Road, Zealand Road and Lime Kiln Road
Then over the fields to Hollow Lane and up footpath to New House Lane
New House Lane until footpath at New House Farm, to Rabbit Wood
Over the Chartham Downs road, and behind Kenfield Hall to Petham
Footpath to Stone Street, over Stone Street to Bow Hill and Upper Hardres Court
Then Westwood Farm, Reed’s Mill and Farm, footpath to Bishopsbourne
Down Frog Lane and up to Highland Court Farm and Pedlars cafe
Lunch or tea at Pedlars, walk back on North Downs Way through Patrixbourne and home. Alternatively, regular buses from Bridge.
Pedlars is a new cafe for the Striders but it comes well recommended.
Total walk length about 16 miles. Likely time home around 2-3pm.
Last week’s solo walk from Birchington to Whitstable by Nick: