Thursday, 15 June, 2023 The Miner’s Way 2 of 2

Please bring a packed lunch for this walk.  Length of walk approximately 12 miles.

Meet at Canterbury East Station to catch 08:41 train to Sibertswold, cost £6.60 (too early for our railcards).  On arrival at Sibertswold we walk from the station firstly along road, later footpath, in the direction of Barfrestone.  The walk continues: Nonnington; Ayelsham; Goodnestone; Wingham and, finally, Ash where take the 43 bus back to Canterbury:

14:03; 14:33; 15:03; 15:33; 15:58; 16:03; 16:33

All buses show travel time as 28 mins.

Last week’s The Miner’s Way 1 of 2 walk:

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