Thursday, 14 December, 2017 Canterbury South Circular (12 miles)

Meet at junction of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road at 8:30am

Proceed to New House Lane the into Larkey Valley Wood to Chartham Downs Road. Then we take the yellow road by Perry Hill Shaw and the footpath that eventually leads to Sappington Court then footpath to Kenfield Road. We now cross over the yellow road for the footpath to Swarling Manor Farm later crossing Stone Street and taking the footpath by Harmansole Farm to Lower Hardes, then past the Church and through Whitehill Wood and over Bridge Road for the path to Renville and over the quiet bridge, finally crossing New Dover Road and to the Hode Farm lane and footpaths to join the NDW/EVW path, past Barton Industrial Estate into Pilgrims’ Way and St Augustine’s Road where the walk finishes. 12 miles.

Silver Striders in a promotional shot for the Silver Striders Movie – ‘Dark Striders’:

‘Nothing stops the Silver Striders’ – here the striders casually kick dirt at the turnips as they walk through a muddy turnip field.

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