SSS293 – Tuesday, 4 July, 2023 – Reverse Around the Woods Walk

Walk to Rugby Club then, via Nackington to Bridge Road and into Whitehill Wood: where four paths cross, carry straight on and, at the next junction, take the path furthest to the right and continue straight ahead.  At the footpath bifurcation, bear left, joining School Lane, head down the hill towards Pett Bottom, at the bottom of the hill, by the Duck, turn left, onto Pett Bottom Road.  Proceed along the road to Little Eaton Farm joining the footpath on the left, back to Whitehill Woods. We keep to the righthand footpath until we begin to exit the woods, where we take the left hand footpath and, at the next footpath junction, turn right, through the orchard, across Bridge Road, then along the footpath by the side of the poly tunnels until we reach the fire break where we descend the hill and cross to the footpath, returning us to the Nackington footpath and back the way we came.

About 7 miles.

Last week’s Reverse Nick’s Walk:


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