Selling to Wye Thursday, 14th July, 2016

IMG_0487 This is a walk from Selling to Wye. Vasco (aka J Pike of this Parish) has allowed me to guest edit this week.

We get the 0848 from Cant East to Selling (£4). Meet at station.

We alight at 0857 and proceed via Selling village, Perrywood lookout, Shottenden, Wytherling Court, Molash Church, Challock, down towards Eastwell Manor, then straight on towards Kennington instead of left to Boughton Aluph.

Lunch at the Old Mill, Kennington (on main Cant-Ashford Rd but approach and leave via a small lane and a footpath). This is highly recommended by Big Graham at the gym, for those who know him.

The pub is 10-11 miles I calculate, so I would book for 1.30.

It’s then 2.5 miles to Wye station.

Back from Wye on 1509 or 1539 (they are every hour on these times) £5.50

Total walking 12-13 miles though it might be a bit more as my distance calculating method is v rough and ready.

I think I’ll need to make a booking at the Old Mill so could you reply reasonably soon to John or preferably me.

See you Thursday


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