Canterbury to Wye – Thursday, 9 December, 2021 @ 8:30

Packed lunch or snack recommended but the cafe in Wye is another possibility.

Meet at the top of Nunnery Road, at the junction with Nunnery Fields @ 8:30.

Hollow Lane, New House Lane, Kenfield Road – footpath to Garlinge Green then:
Denge Wood, Erringe Wood. We cross Sole Street, heading for Church Wood (possible elevenses break by Crundale Church). We then follow the footpaths, later descending the downs, to Wye. About 11 miles.

Trains back to Canterbury West:

13:03; 14:03; 15:03

Travel time 14 minutes. Cost £4.15 with travel card.

Last week’s Blean and Thornden Wood Circle:

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