Canterbury to Sandwich on Thursday 31st March

Silver Striders

Contubernii Primum (website available soon)
Thursday – 31 March
Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30
NDW to Patrixbourne/Shepherd’s Close Road/FPs to Adisham/Bossington/Neavy Downs/Gibson’s Farmshop (lunch stop)
LUNCH: The Hungry Strider Breakfast or something less hearty
The eponymous ‘Hungry Farmer’:
Afternoon take Goodnestone Road/Twitham Hill/Crixhall Court/Buckland Lane/Summerfield Farm/Black Pond Farm/Beacon  Hill/Marshborough – Vine Farm/Great Poulder’s Farm/Sandwich
Distance 16/17 miles
Buses from Sandwich to Canterbury:
Buses 13 13A 14 (around 45 mins)
14:12 14:29  14:57  15:13 15:29  15:57

2016-03-31 Canterbury to Sandwich

En route to Chilham on 24th March 2016

En route to Chilham on 24th March 2016

Last week in perry wood en route to Shelley’s tea rooms in chilham
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