Thursday – 9 August, 2018 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Wye (packed lunch)

Packed lunch

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road @ 8:30

Proceed to Garlinge Green (possibly via Larkey Wood)

Through the Wildwood to Crundale

Up and down the fields to Crundale Church – Lunch Break

Down to the Farm in the Valley (where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison as Bob Dylan says)

Up again to the top of the downs and then down to Wye via the radio mast site

11 miles (more or less)

Cafe and pubs if we wish or quick return from Wye station

Trains back to Canterbury West:

13:11 (16 mins)

13:41 (12 mins)

14:11 (16 mins)

14:41 (12 mins)

15:11 (16 mins)

£3.85 with Railcard

Last week’s Woodland Circular Walk: where is the tin man?

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