Thursday 3 January, 2019 – Canterbury to Sandwich

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

NDW to Patrixbourne/Shepherd’s Close Road/FPs to Adisham/Bossington/Neavy Downs/Gibson’s Farmshop (lunch [BREAKFAST] stop).

Afternoon take Goodnestone Road/Twitham Hill/Crixhall Court/Buckland Lane/Summerfield Farm/Black Pond Farm/Beacon Hill/Marshborough – Vine Farm/Great Poulder’s Farm/Sandwich

Distance 14 miles

There is always the possibility of refreshment in the Red Cow, Sandwich at the end of the walk

Buses from Sandwich to Canterbury:

Bus 43 (40 mins)

12:41 13:21 13:41 14:01 14:21 14:41 15:01 15:21 16:06

Last week’s Canterbury to Elham walk:

Thursday, 27 December, 2018 Canterbury – Elham (sort of The Elham Valley Way – Variation 2)

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road @ 8:30 am

The Elham Valley Way (this is longer than the more direct route via Pett Bottom)
Canterbury to Elham (via Bridge/Bishopsbourne/Kingston/Barham/Covert Wood/Bladbean/footpath to Upper Park Gate Farm then Elham. Possible lunch stop ‘The King’s Head” – the Cosy is closed until later in January.

12 miles

No 17 Bus from Elham to Canterbury


Last week’s Bridge Circle walk:

Thursday, 20 December, 2018 – The Bridge Circle

A shorter walk this week – it takes less than 3 hours.

Meet outside the hospital at 8:30 am (corner junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road).

Proceed via Langton Path but onto the rugby club then Nackington and over Bridge Road into Whitehill Wood and onto Pett Bottom Road. Footpath by Middle Pett Farm and over the old Elham Valley Rail bridge and into Bridge and the High Street. We cross the High Street and then via the footpath by the School head towards the site of Bifrons crossing the main road to Hode Lane then, via EVW and NDR into the orchards and Barton Industrial Estate, Pilgrims’ Way To St Augustine’s Road where the walk concludes. 8 miles.
Silver Striders Christmas Lunch
Afterwards – go home change and meet at The Thomas Ingoldsby (top Spoons) at 11:30am
Secure some tables upstairs; order some drinks and then order lunch – hopefully this will work as we cannot book beforehand.

Last week’s Canterbury Northern Circle Walk:

Thursday, 13 December, 2018 – Canterbury Northern Circle

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Fields with Old Dover Road – opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:30am

Road and footpath to Rough Common, then through the woods, crossing A290 at Blean, taking the footpath to Amery Court and then into Clowes Wood proceeding north to Radfall, eventually crossing Radfall Road at Chestfield. The route then goes from north to south through West Blean Nature Reserve and later past Alcroft Grange, coming back into Canterbury through the Hales Place estate. We then follow the footpath to St Stephen’s Green and then into the City. Some or all may wish to stop at ‘Top Spoons’ for lunch/refreshment. Mileage 17 miles – (new route this week).

Last week on the boggy road, not too far from Ash and, later, waiting for the train home at Sibertswold Station.