Thursday 2 March, 2023 The Victory Wood Circle in Reverse (A Sean & Barry walk)

Please bring a packed lunch (to be eaten at a convenient stopping place en route)

Meet outside St Augustine’s Abbey (English Heritage) at 8.30am

Proceed towards St. Stephen’s on back roads and paths, then the University, then the Crab and Winkle route – towards Clowes Wood.  We take the footpath down to A290, arriving nearby Red Lion House then walk along the Whitstable Road to Pean Hill, where we turn into Ellenden Wood, making our way to Victory Wood, eventually ending up in Courtenay Road.  The route then goes through North Bishopden Wood, then Church Wood and, via footpaths, back to Canterbury Bus Station where the walk finishes.

Approx. 12 miles.

Last week’s walk to Wye via Waltham:


Wednesday Walk 1 March, 2023

All who wish to walk on a Wednesday will gather as usual at 8:30am near the main entrance to The Westgate Gardens for a special St David’s Day ramble.

The walk this week will probably include part of the North Downs Way and Harbledown.
The dramatic pic from last week was taken near the river in the Vauxhall Road area:

SSS 275 – Tuesday 28 February, 2023 – Reverse Toddler’s Coves Walk

Meet at the top of Nunnery Road where it meets Nunnery Fields at 8:00am 

Nunnery Road, Zealand Road, then Lime Kiln Road to footpath, which connects to path behind Wincheap and then to Hollow Lane.  Walk along footpath by side of Hollow Lane (under A2 bridge) and along New House Lane, later take footpath across to Strangers Lane.  Walk down to A28 and cross for footpath, which leads to bridge over the Stour onto the SVW by the turning to Tonford Manor but turn right and walk to Toddler’s Cove, then across the footbridge and under the ring road towards Lansdown Road where the walk finishes. About 6 miles.

Last week’s Reverse The Hospital Walk:


Thursday 23 February 2023 – Wye via Waltham

Meet 8.30am at K&C hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance.

The walk is about 14 miles, with a train from Wye back to Canterbury West at 13.56, 14.56. Bring a packed lunch, although the cafe and pubs in Wye are also an option.

Through the hospital, rugby field, Nackington, Whitehill woods, Lower Hardres. Then Catt’s Wood Road, footpath to the garden centre on Stone Street, path to Duckpit, road to Ansdore, path to Waltham, valley through Bavinge and Doves woods, Hassell Street, Coombe Manor, Wye downs and path down to Wye.

Last week’s walk to Ringwould:

Wednesday Walk 22 February, 2023

Look forward to seeing you all at the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am.

As we’ve not been in the area for a few weeks we will probably head towards Barton Down.
Last weeks pic was taken near the A28 not far from Chartham:

SSS 274 – Tuesday 21 February, 2023 – Reverse The Hospital Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the hospital – junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road

The Langton Path to the end of the school playing fields, rugby club, Nackington then down to the bottom of the fields, by the pylons, then right and left through the firebreak in the woods, up the hill and onto to the Renville path. At Renville take the bridge across the motorway and then carefully walk across the NDR/A2 approach road and onto the lane which connects to the orchards, thence onto Pilgrims’ Way/St Augustine’s Road where the walk concludes. 6 miles

Last week’s Tuesday’s Reverse The Get Thee To a Nunnery walk

Thursday, 16 February, 2023 – Canterbury to Ringwould

Meet @ 8 am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road

Please note earlier start time for this 17 mile walk.  A packed lunch is recommended.  There are early departure points near the railway stations at Aylesham, Snowdown and Sibertswold should anyone wish for a shorter walk.

We proceed along the NDW until Patrixbourne, then yellow road and footpath bypassing below Aylesham to Womenswold; onward to Barfrestone and to the east of Nonnington and then Tilmanstone.  We cross the A256 to Telegraph Hill via footpath, then Sutton and Ringwould, where we aim to connect with the 12 Bus (departing 14:44) to Canterbury at the Five Bells, Ringwould (38 mins journey time).

Last week’s The Bottoms and Bossington walk:


Wednesday Walk 15 February, 2023

The Wednesday Walk will start from the main entrance to the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am

The pic from last weeks walk was taken near the river. The walk took us around the green boundary
of the Sturry Community Park returning to the Curzon Riverside for morning coffee.

SSS273 – Tuesday 14 February,2023 – Reverse The Get Thee to a Nunnery Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the hospital – junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road

Walk to Rugby Club then, via Nackington to Bridge Road and into Whitehill Wood.  Onward to Lower Hardes Church then take the footpath to Bridge Road junction at Stone Street; cross onto footpath, which leads to Iffin Lane, and then the connecting footpath to New House Lane, then Hollow Lane crossing onto footpath through orchards and later connecting to Lime Kiln Road and Nunnery Road where the walk ends.

Last week’s Reverse The Don’s Walk:


Thursday 9 February 2023 – The Bottoms and Bossingham

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The route is about 14 miles, returning around 1.30pm so bring a packed lunch if required.

Past the rugby field, Nackington Road, Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Little Eaton Farm. Path along Pett Bottom valley to Westwood Farm, then take path through Lynsore Bottom, to Bossingham. Then footpath to Bossingham Church, Stone Street, Dane Chantry, Petham. Through Kenfield Hall parkland to the Chartham Downs road. Path through Rabbit Wood to New House Farm, back to Canterbury.

Last week’s walk to Faversham: