Thursday, 30 August, 2018 – Canterbury South Circular

Meet at junction of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road at 8:30am

Proceed to New House Lane the into Larkey Valley Wood to Chartham Downs Road. Then we take the yellow road by Perry Hill Shaw and the footpath that eventually leads to Sappington Court then footpath to Kenfield Road. We now cross over the yellow road for the footpath to Swarling Manor Farm later crossing Stone Street and taking the footpath by Harmansole Farm to Lower Hardes, then past the Church and through Whitehill Wood and over Bridge Road for the path to Renville and over the quiet bridge, finally crossing New Dover Road and to the Hode Farm lane and footpaths to join the NDW/EVW path, past Barton Industrial Estate into Pilgrims’ Way and St Augustine’s Road where the walk finishes. 12 miles.
Nothing stops these men, they are; Silver Striders (it’s a state of mind),pictured here after the successful capture of a bus shelter in Badlesmere:

Thursday, 23 August, 2018 The Badlands of Badlesmere

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Fields with Old Dover Road – opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:30

London Road roundabout/footpath to Bigberry/Chartham Hatch/Primrose Hill/Denstead Wood/Rhode Common/Perry Wood/Stocking Wood/Badlesmere.

There is the Red Lion here should we fancy some refreshment.

Buses back to Canterbury (change at Faversham)
bus 666 – 12:59; 13:59; 14:59; 16:23
We take bus 3X from Faversham back to Canterbury – whole journey one hour.

Distance: 14 miles

Last week’s walk (Elham via Bossingham and Stelling Minnis):

Canterbury to Elham (via Bossingham and Stelling Minnis) – Thursday, 16 August, 2018

Meet outside the hospital: junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road @ 8:30 am

Footpath to Rugby Club then Nakington, follow on through Whitehill Wood but this time we take the yellow road down to The Duck. We then take the footpath to Broxhall Wood, Broxhall Road then path down by Hardres Court Farm, along the road to the footpath, which leads to Bossingham. We follow a bit of yellow road but then take the footpath through Atchester Wood, then yellow roads along to Stelling Minnis where we take the footpath through Elhampark Wood to Upper Park Gate Farm then straight down and into (road/footpath) Elham.

The Cosy Tea Rooms for lunch.

Approximately 12 miles.

Bus back to Canterbury:


earlier would be 12:35, later would be 14:50

Last week on the way to Wye:

Thursday – 9 August, 2018 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Wye (packed lunch)

Packed lunch

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane with South Canterbury Road @ 8:30

Proceed to Garlinge Green (possibly via Larkey Wood)

Through the Wildwood to Crundale

Up and down the fields to Crundale Church – Lunch Break

Down to the Farm in the Valley (where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison as Bob Dylan says)

Up again to the top of the downs and then down to Wye via the radio mast site

11 miles (more or less)

Cafe and pubs if we wish or quick return from Wye station

Trains back to Canterbury West:

13:11 (16 mins)

13:41 (12 mins)

14:11 (16 mins)

14:41 (12 mins)

15:11 (16 mins)

£3.85 with Railcard

Last week’s Woodland Circular Walk: where is the tin man?