Thursday – 30 January, 2020 @ 8:30 Canterbury to Elham (Huw’s Way)

**Packed Lunch**but we could take tea/coffee at the new Cosy before returning back to Canterbury by bus?

This one starts at 8:30am outside 25 St Augustine’s Road and takes the Francigena to Patrixbourne. Then to Bridge via Bifrons Park.
Then there is a path crossing the Nailbourne to Crows Camp Hill just above Bishopsbourne.
We take a footpath from here and then a sharp left into Charlton Wood and then on to Heart’s delight via Marley.
We now follow the Elham Valley Way into Covert Wood, but on leaving the wood we go on the road to Bladbean Farm, and then on road and paths to Upper park gate Farm. From there we descend by road and path into Elham and, maybe, for Tea/Coffee/Beer before taking the bus back to Canterbury. About 11 miles.

Buses to Canterbury at 12:42 or 13:42 – journey time 33 mins

Last week’s walk to Sandwich (five men who came too late and stayed too long perhaps?):

Thursday 23 January, 2020 – Canterbury to Sandwich

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

NDW to Patrixbourne/Shepherd’s Close Road/FPs to Adisham/Bossington/Neavy Downs/Gibson’s Farmshop (lunch [BREAKFAST] stop).

Afternoon take Goodnestone Road/Twitham Hill/Crixhall Court/Buckland Lane/Summerfield Farm/Black Pond Farm/Beacon Hill/Marshborough – Vine Farm/Great Poulder’s Farm/Sandwich

Distance 14 miles

There is always the possibility of refreshment in the Red Cow, Sandwich at the end of the walk

Buses from Sandwich to Canterbury:

Bus 43 (40 mins)

12:41 13:01 13:21 13:41 14:01 14:21 14:41 15:01 15:21 16:06

Last week’s Canterbury to Lyminge walk:

Canterbury to Lyminge – Thursday, 16 January, 2020

***Packed Lunch***
Meet by the hospital – corner of South Canterbury Road/Ethelbert Road @ 8:30 am

Walk to Nackington, then criss cross various paths to Petham and then a mixture of footpath and road to Stowting, then on to Lyminge.

About 16 miles

No: 17 @ 13:35 40 mins
No: 17 @ 14:43 40 mins
No: 18 @ 15:12 53 mins
No: 17 @ 16:08 45 mins

We last did this walk in January 2019.

Last week’s Canterbury/Hassel Street/Wye walk:

Thursday – 9 January, 2020 Canterbury to Wye (via Waltham and Hassle Street)

Meet at junction of Nunnery Road with Nunnery Fields 8:30 am

Proceed to Zealand Road, Hollow Lane, New House Lane toward Kenfield Hall, then Petham, Mounts Wood, Hassell Street, then West to the Wye Downs, Wye.


13 miles

Back by train to Canterbury West:

13:11, 13:41, 14:11, 14:41, 15:11, 15:41

Cost (with Silver Striders railcard) £4.05

Last week’s Canterbury to Faversham (via Herne Hill and SSW) walk: