Thursday 1 September 2022 – Herne Bay via Stodmarsh

Meet 8.30 at St Martins Church

About 15 miles with bus back from Herne Bay. Packed lunch or the Wallflower cafe. Short cut option of catching the bus back from Upstreet (about 9 miles).

Path to Fordwich, Stour Valley way to Stodmarsh road. Through Stodmarsh nature reserve to Grove Ferry. Then through Boyden gate on Saxon shore way to Hillborough and the coast. Walk along the sea front to Herne Bay, Wallflower cafe and bus.

Last week’s episode of Acorn Antiques:

Thursday, 25 August, 2022 Wye to Elham via Hastingleigh

Packed lunch although the Cosy or the pub is an alternative

We last did this very pleasant walk on 25 April, 2019 – it’s time to enjoy it again!

Meet Canterbury West station for train to Wye @ 9:03 cost £4.25 with railcard, arrives 9:17

Wye/Hastingleigh/Lymbridge Green/Rhodes Minnis/Elham

A leisurely pace should get us there in under 4 hours. Tea or coffee at the Cosy or the pub is a possibility.

Buses at 12:42 or 13:42 – journey time 33 mins

10 miles

Last week’s The Villages Walk (very enjoyable):

Thursday 18 August – The Villages walk (clockwise)

Meet 8.30am St Martin’s Church

The walk is about 15 miles, with short cuts available from Littlebourne (by bus) or Patrixbourne (NDW back to Canterbury). There are ample churches for a lunch stop.

Pick up Stour Valley walk through Fordwich to Stodmarsh. Then to Wickhambreaux, Ickham, pass close to Littlebourne through Lower Garrington Farm, Bekesbourne, Patrixbourne, Bridge, Whitehill woods, Nackington, home past the rugby ground.

Last week’s walk to Faversham:

Thursday – 11 August, 2022 – FAVERSHAM (approached from the South)

Packed lunch or snack recommended en route, there are plenty of coffee places, and a Wetherspoons, in Faversham to enjoy a post walk drink/snack

London Road Roundabout
Proceed along Mill Lane and North Downs Way
Bridge across A2
Podhurst Farm
Denstead Wood/Court Wood/Winterbourne Wood
South Street/Brenley/Westwood Court
Faversham – Either return on arrival or enjoy coffee/tea somewhere
12 miles

Plenty of buses or:
Trains (£6.20 – cheaper with Railcard)
12:25, 13:26, 14:26 (13 MINS)

Last week’s Bridge, Pett Bottom Loop walk: