SSS 254 – Tuesday 4 October, 2022 – Reverse The Golf Walk

Meet outside 25 St. Augustine’s Road at 8:00 am

Spring Lane and past Little Barton Farmhouse.  We take the Public Footpath, which runs parallel to the railway line, along to Bekesbourne Road, further along we take the footpath, on the left, which runs alongside Palmstead Wood then Firdown Wood.  We cross A257 and walk along Swanton Lane till we get to the site of the old dump, then take the footpath through to Moat Lane/Stodmarsh Road junction.  We cross the road and take the footpath to Scotland Hill, across the Golf Course and then the footpath that runs behind the old barracks, later cutting down to the SVW, which leads us to St. Martin’s Church where the walk ends. 6 miles. 

Last week’s Reverse Toddler’s Coves Walk:

Canterbury to Elham (via Bossingham and Stelling Minnis) – Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Meet outside the hospital: junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road @ 8:30 am

Footpath to Rugby Club then Nakington, follow on through Whitehill Wood but this time we take the yellow road down to The Duck. We then take the footpath to Broxhall Wood, Broxhall Road then path down by Hardres Court Farm, along the road to the footpath, which leads to Bossingham. We follow a bit of yellow road but then take the footpath through Atchester Wood, then yellow roads along to Stelling Minnis where we take the footpath through Elhampark Wood to Upper Park Gate Farm then straight down and into (road/footpath) Elham.

Packed lunch/The Cosy Tea Rooms/Pub – all possible

Approximately 12 miles.

Number 17 Bus back to Canterbury: 12:42; 13:42

Last week’s Temple Ewell via Broome Park Walk

Wednesday Walk 28 September 2022

We’ll meet at the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens at 8:30am.
It’s custom and practice that a route is not decided until about 8:32am on the day
of the walk. It’s however agreed that the walks will last no longer than two hours.
Coffee venues vary, where to go is decided by popular demand on the day.
How democratic can a walking group get??

The first pic from last week was taken at the mysterious mounds in Homestall Wood.
Does anyone know their origin?
The second pic is of a short trespass across the playing fields of St Edmund’s School.
A fine photo of the water tower you’ll surely agree.
See you midweek……

SSS 253 – Tuesday 27 September, 2022 – Reverse Toddler’s Coves Walk

Meet at the top of Nunnery Road where it meets Nunnery Fields at 8:00am

Nunnery Road, Zealand Road, then Lime Kiln Road to footpath, which connects to path behind Wincheap and then to Hollow Lane. Walk along footpath by side of Hollow Lane (under A2 bridge) and along New House Lane, later take footpath across to Strangers Lane. Walk down to A28 and cross for footpath, which leads to bridge over the Stour onto the SVW by the turning to Tonford Manor but turn right and walk to Toddler’s Cove, then across the footbridge and under the ring road towards Lansdown Road where the walk finishes. About 6 miles.
Last week’s Reverse The Hospital Walk:

Thursday 22 September 2022 – Temple Ewell via Broome Park

Meet at 8.30am, K&C, South Canterbury Rd entrance. The walk is 15 miles with regular buses from Temple Ewell.

Bring a packed lunch or snack.

Past the rugby ground to Nackington, Whitehill Woods, Middle Pett Farm, Hint Cottage. Elham Valley way to Bishopsbourne, Kingston, Heart’s Delight, Barham. Over the Broome Park golf course to the main entrance. Past Lyddon Circuit, Birches Farm, Stanton Farm to Ewell Minnis. Through the Minnis to Temple Ewell.

There are regular buses back from Temple Ewell. If you want a shorter walk (about 10 miles) there are regular buses from Broome Park or Denton.

Last week’s walk to Badlesmere:

Wednesday Walk 21 September 2022

The WWs regulars plus any Strider who wishes to join us will meet at 8:30am at the main entrance of the
Westgate Gardens.

It has become the midweek tradition that walks are decided by the weather and a desire to avoid mud
If possible.
Here is a pic taken last week of some very clean boots standing next to a HUMBER (Steve) PERKINS DIESEL
motor car, make of it what you will!!!

See you midweek………….

SSS 252 – Tuesday 20 September, 2022 – Reverse The Hospital Walk

Reverse The Hospital Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the hospital – junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road

The Langton Path to the end of the school playing fields, rugby club, Nackington then down to the bottom of the fields, by the pylons, then right and left through the firebreak in the woods, up the hill and onto to the Renville path. At Renville take the bridge across the motorway and then carefully walk across the NDR/A2 approach road and onto the lane which connects to the orchards, thence onto Pilgrims’ Way/St Augustine’s Road where the walk concludes. 6 miles

Last week’s Tuesday’s Reverse The Get Thee To a Nunnery walk:


Wednesday Walk 14 September 2022

Surprise Surprise the the notice for The Wednesday Walk has found it’s natural home on the official
web site of the Silver Striders.

We’ll gather at the main entrance of the Westgate Gardens for an 8:30am start for a two hour walk
followed by coffee. It’s possible we may take our morning shot of caffeine again at the new riverside Curzon.
It’s comfortable, the coffee is good, and Steve has a discount card!

The pic from last week shows the lads stood among rubbish and abandoned shopping trollies.
What a way to spoil a pleasant green space!

See you all midweek…….


Thursday, 15 September, 2022 The Badlands of Badlesmere

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at the corner of Nunnery Fields with Old Dover Road – opposite St Mary Bredin Church at 8:30

London Road roundabout/SVW footpath to Bigberry/Chartham Hatch/Primrose Hill/Denstead Wood/Rhode Common/Perry Wood/Stocking Wood/Badlesmere.

Buses back to Canterbury (change at Faversham)
bus 666 – 12:59; 13:59; 15:26; 16:26 (11 mins to Faversham) then we can take the 3X from Faversham to Canterbury – frequent service.

We could stop in Faversham for coffee/tea.

Distance: 12 miles

Last week’s Forickwinbram Circle walk:

SSS 252 – Tuesday 13 September, 2022 – Reverse The Get Thee to a Nunnery Walk

Silver Striders Shorts 252

Contubernii Primum


la campagna è cosa nostra

Reverse The Get Thee to a Nunnery Walk

Meet @ 8:00 am outside the hospital – junction of South Canterbury Road with Ethelbert Road

Walk to Rugby Club then, via Nackington to Bridge Road and into Whitehill Wood.  Onward to Lower Hardes Church then take the footpath to Bridge Road junction at Stone Street; cross onto footpath, which leads to Iffin Lane, and then the connecting footpath to New House Lane, then Hollow Lane crossing onto footpath through orchards and later connecting to Lime Kiln Road and Nunnery Road where the walk ends. 7 miles.
Last week’s Reverse The Don’s Walk: