Thursday 20 January, 2022 Canterbury – Faversham via Herne Hill

8:30 Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood through to Courtney Road and through the woods till we get to the

Herne Hill footpath, crossing Thanet Way between Kemdale Wood and Fostall.

Footpaths to Sandbanks Road, Nagden Cottages then SSW into Faversham.

Take bus back or lunch – to be decided
About 12/13 miles

Buses back:

X3/4 12:31; 13:01; 13:31; 14:01; 14:31

Trains back to the East station: 12:58; 13:58; 14:58 (£3.95 with railcard)

Last week’s Old Wives Leas Loop walk:

Thursday 13 January, 2022 – Old Wives Leas loop

Meet 8.30 am at St Mary Bredin Church

The walk is about 13 miles so bring a snack or lunch if you like.

To Toddlers Cove, along the river, turn right at Tonford Manor. Up to Bigbury Farm, take North Downs Way to Chartham Hatch, continue on NDW to Old Wives Leas. Cut down to the A28 crossing into Pickeldon Lane. Path back through Shalmsford Street, Chartham, into Thannington and back through Wincheap.

Last week’s walk to Sandwich:

Thursday 6 January, 2022 – Canterbury to Sandwich

Meet outside 25 St Augustine’s Road 8:30

NDW to Patrixbourne/Shepherd’s Close Road/FPs to Adisham/Bossington/Neavy Downs/Gibson’s is a possibility but the breakfasts appear to have ceased and the menu is much reduced (discuss en route).  In any event a packed lunch and something to drink is suggested.  Goodnestone Road/Twitham Hill/Crixhall Court/Buckland Lane/Summerfield Farm/Black Pond Farm/Beacon Hill/Marshborough – Vine Farm/Great Poulder’s Farm/Sandwich.

Distance 14 miles

We last did this walk on 23 January, 2020

Buses from Sandwich to Canterbury:

Bus 43 (40 mins)

12:41 13:01 13:21 13:41 14:01 14:21 14:41 15:01 15:21

Last week’s Denge Woods via the river walk:


Thursday 30 December 2021 – Denge Woods via the river

Meet by St Mary Bredin’s Church, 8.30am

The walk is about 14 miles and we should be back before 2pm. Bring lunch or a snack if you like.

To Toddlers Cove, along the river to Chartham, Shalmsford Street, Denge Wood, Upper Thruxted Farm. Through to Garlinge Green, St Augustine’s housing estate, Oakfield Shaw, New House Lane and home.

Last Thursday’s Pet Circle walk:

Thursday 23 December, 2021 The Pet Circle

Meet at junction of Nunnery Road with Nunnery Fields at 8:30am

We make our way to New House Lane by the usual route, eventually crossing Chartham Downs Road to Kenfield Road into Petham CP and Capel Wood. We work our way towards Stone Street, crossing Waltham Road and Duckpit Road, then across to Hogg Lane, Bow Hill (using more yellow roads today to avoid the mud), Catt’s Wood Road and, at Well Wood, taking the footpath towards the yellow road, which is Tapleys Hill, arriving at Pett Bottom. The usual route back from here, via Whitehill Wood, Nackington, the Rugby Club, the Langton and back to Stuppington Lane. Approx: 13 miles.

Last week’s very enjoyable circular walk: Bridge, Bishopsbourne, Pett Bottom Loop

Bridge, Bishopsboure, Pett Bottom loop – Thursday 16 December 2021

Meet 8.30am, K&C Hospital, South Canterbury Road entrance

The walk is about 13 miles returning around 1pm, so bring a snack or lunch if required.

Through Nackington into Whitehill woods, over the Pett Bottom road and cross Elham Valley line down to the Bridge, Elham Valley walk to Bishopsbourne. At Charlton Park branch right and cross the Kingston road into Knowle wood. Walk down Covet Lane, cross to Marley Lane, Reed’s Mill, and join Pett Bottom valley route. Back through Lower Hardres and into Nackington to return via the rugby club.

Last week’s walk to Wye:

Canterbury to Wye – Thursday, 9 December, 2021 @ 8:30

Packed lunch or snack recommended but the cafe in Wye is another possibility.

Meet at the top of Nunnery Road, at the junction with Nunnery Fields @ 8:30.

Hollow Lane, New House Lane, Kenfield Road – footpath to Garlinge Green then:
Denge Wood, Erringe Wood. We cross Sole Street, heading for Church Wood (possible elevenses break by Crundale Church). We then follow the footpaths, later descending the downs, to Wye. About 11 miles.

Trains back to Canterbury West:

13:03; 14:03; 15:03

Travel time 14 minutes. Cost £4.15 with travel card.

Last week’s Blean and Thornden Wood Circle:

Blean and Thornden wood circle – Thursday 2 December 2021

Meet 8.30am, St Mary Bredin Church

The walk is about 13 miles, returning into Canterbury around 12.30/1pm, so you might want to bring a snack.

Toddlers Cover, river towards Chartham. Turn right to Tonford Manor, Bigberry woods, Upper Harbledown, into Church Wood. Cross Whitstable Road and into Amery Court. Into Clowes Wood towards the junction of the Chestfield and Thornden Wood roads. Returning to Canterbury via Alcroft Grange and Hales Place estate.

This is the walk:

Last week’s walk to Whitstable:

Whitstable via Fordwich, Broad Oak and Chestfield – Thursday, 25 November, 2021

Meet by St.Martin’s Church at 8:30am

Proceed along Stour Valley Way footpath in the direction of Fordwich, then:
over the rail line
Broad Oak
Thornden Wood

About 11 miles

Coffee somewhere in Whitstable or bus back to Canterbury:

Triangle services: 11:44; 12:04; 12:24; 12:44; 13:04; 13:24 (32 mins)

Bus 5 @ 12:06; 13:06 (45 mins)

Bus 4 @ 12:25; 13:25 (43 mins)

Last week’s Chillenden Diamond walk: