Thursday – 6 June, 2019 – Hollingbourne to Wye

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at Canterbury West Station to catch the 09:05 train to Hollingbourne (49m direct), arriving at 9:54. The ticket is £10:75 return with railcard but worth it for this very pleasant walk.

This walk is a redux of the second last day of the Winchester/Canterbury walk enjoyed by the original fellowship group (Keith/Huw/Don/John) on 28 April, 2006 (Thurnham to Boughton Aluph).

A walk of less than a mile from Hollingbourne Station brings us to the North Downs Way; we continue along this track to Wye Station for the return train journey to Canterbury. In the region of 17 miles with a lunch stop between Charing and Eastwell.

Return trains from Wye to Canterbury:
14:41; 15:11; 15:41; 16:11; 16:41; 17:11

Last week’s ‘Huw’s Way’ walk to Elham:

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