Thursday – 5 April, 2018 – Sibertswold to Littlebourne/Canterbury

Sibertswold to Littleborne (about 10 miles)
The walk can be extended by another 5 miles by walking back to Canterbury via Patrixbourne – making a total of 15 miles.

Packed lunch (to be eaten somewhere near Littlebourne?)

Meet at Canterbury East to catch 9:20 train to Sibertswold (Shepherds Well) – 10 mins journey time. Cost £3:65 with Railcard.

Sibertswold/Barfrestone/Nonington/Goodnestone/Muddy Bush Corner/Bramling Downs/Littlebourne (on to Canterbury if desired)

Plenty of buses back to Canterbury from Littlebourne – journey time around 13 minutes

Last week’s ‘Cosy Folkestone Walk’ just above Elham:

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