Thursday – 31 May, 2018 Harrietsham to Faversham via Newnham

**Packed Lunch**

Meet at Canterbury West Station to catch 9:05 train (direct to Harrietsham)

Train from Canterbury West to Harrietsham 9:05 (arrive Harrietsham 9:49) – cost £8:45 with railcard

Footpaths and some yellow roads to Newnham

Onward to Faversham via footpaths and some yellow roads

Approx: 15 miles

Bus: 3; 3X; 3B; (about 30 mins). 3X is the fastest bus.

Train from Faversham to Canterbury East

14:10; 14:26; 15:10; 15:26; 15:58

Last week, approaching Elham:

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