Thursday, 30 March, 2023 – The Waitrose Circle

Meet at 8:30 opposite St. Mary Bredin Church (by the Launderette).

There will be a few stops so please bring something to eat and drink (including lunch).

A 15 mile route that encompasses some different paths to those known by the Striders whilst remaining circular and ending up at a popular local landmark.    Anyone who desires a shorter walk could leave the circle as it loops back to Canterbury by taking a more direct route to the centre.  The walk heads into Denstead Woods from Chartham Hatch and takes permissive paths into Bower Wood, then Court Wood and north to Brotherhood Wood. We make our way to Podhurst Farm and then cross into Church Wood, gradually working across to Tyler Hill, Hackington, through town, ending up outside Waitrose.

Last week’s fresh and enjoyable walk to Densole via Broome Park:

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