Thursday – 27 April, 2017 Canterbury to Wye (via Waltham and Hassle Street)

Meet corner of Stuppington Lane and South Canterbury Road 8:30 am

Proceed to New House Lane toward Kenfield Hall, then Petham, Mounts Wood, Hassell Street, then West to the Wye Downs, Wye.

When we last did this, on 29 December, 2016, it clocked 12.9 miles

Lunch at the one of The King’s Head, Wye Coffee Shop & Kitchen or The Tickled Trout

Back by train to Canterbury West:

13:11, 13:38, 14:11, 14:41, 15:11, 15:41

Cost (with Silver Striders railcard) £3:70

Last week’s very sunny walk crossing Bramling Downs en route to Littlebourne

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