Thursday 22 June 2017 Faversham Western Circle

Meet at Canterbury East Station 9 to catch 9:09 train to Faversham (11 mins).
Return fare with railcard £3.55
Mainly Lanes and Footpaths
Faversham, Oare, Luddenham, Wild Marsh, Deerton Street, near Teynham, upto Nouds House, Lewson Street, Provender, footpath to Coxett Hill and various footpaths back to London Road, Faversham and then the station or stop in Faversham for lunch and then the station (to be decided on the walk).

Approx distance 11 miles.

Trains back 13:08, 13:24, 14:08, 14:24, 15:08

Last week’s Hackington Triangle walk – through the gold course

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