Thursday 20 January, 2022 Canterbury – Faversham via Herne Hill

8:30 Meet outside St Mary Bredin Church, Nunnery Fields

Road and footpath to Rough Common

Church Wood through to Courtney Road and through the woods till we get to the

Herne Hill footpath, crossing Thanet Way between Kemdale Wood and Fostall.

Footpaths to Sandbanks Road, Nagden Cottages then SSW into Faversham.

Take bus back or lunch – to be decided
About 12/13 miles

Buses back:

X3/4 12:31; 13:01; 13:31; 14:01; 14:31

Trains back to the East station: 12:58; 13:58; 14:58 (£3.95 with railcard)

Last week’s Old Wives Leas Loop walk:

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