The Bossingham Loop (in reverse) – Thursday 5 December, 2019

**Please bring a packed lunch to be eaten en route**

Meet at junction of Nunnery Road with Nunnery Fields at 8:30am

Proceed To Zealand Road, then Lime Kiln Road, then footpath over to Hollow Lane, later New House Lane and footpath to Chartham Downs Road. Proceed towards Kenfield Hall then footpath towards Petham, the Village Hall and past the Church, eventually leading to the footpath towards Stone Street – coming out by Upper Hardes Wood, then yellow road into Bossingham. Going east, out of Bossingham, we take the footpath, which leads through Atchester Wood and then NNE to Clamberdown. Yellow Road towards Quilters Wood, where we take the footpath to the East of the wood towards Westwood and then Reed’s Mill and up to Reed Farm. At the crossroads we turn left on the yellow road and then take the footpath on the right to Bishopsbourne. We walk on to the footpath, which brings us out to the B road opposite to Highland Court Farm and cross the road towards the footbridge over the A2, then NDW towards Patrixbourne, later Hode Lane (NDW/EVW) through to the Barton Industrial Estate and into Canterbury. (18 miles)

Possibly stop en route somewhere for refreshment.

Last week’s Canterbury Eastern Circle walk:

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