13 October, 2016 Canterbury to Stowting

Meet corner of South Canterbury Road/Stuppington Lane @ 8:30am

Walk to Nackington, then through Whitehill Wood. We then swing right, passing just to the south of Lower Hardres, and taking a bridleway via Cobsdane Wood and Shoot Wood, across Stone St and down into Petham. Hardly anything on roads so far. I calculate this as about 5 miles.

From Petham we go south on a footpath which goes off the 150 map at the bottom just to the right of grid no 13. On to map 138.

We then wiggle our way south for about 5 miles to Bodsham, via footpaths and a bit of yellow road. I can show you tomorrow on my map.

From Bodsham we continue south-east to Stowting.

About 12.5 miles

Lunch at the Tiger (Stowting)

Return by car (boots deposited in back of car) – Car takes five

Last week’s walk – NORTH OF STURRY Heading to Broad Oak and Whitstable ( a broken writst poses no problem to this sturdy silver strider):

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