24 March, 2016 Shelley’s Redux

Silver Striders
Contubernii Primum
Thursday – 24 March
Meet corner of Old Dover Road/Oaten Hill/Nunnery Fields 8:30
Walk to London Road Roundabout – meet Chris and Dave if coming 8:50
Canterbury, Harbledown, Chartham Hatch, via Hunstead Wood, later Perrywood and onto Chilham
Lunch at Shelly’s Tea Rooms, Chilham Square
Distance 11/12 miles
Buses from Chilham, Felborough Clos to Canterbury:
13:46;  14:41; 14:59; 16:09
Chilham to Canterbury West
14:15; 15:15  £2:50 with Railcard
Last week on the downs between Stone Street and Crundale Church
Descending into Wye

Descending into Wye

Great walk yesterday

I am adding a post pretending to be John … just testing whether the login I have created for John can actually add posts.  The photo gallery is now working and for the map I am still trying to find a way of adding routes more easily.  Now has yesterday’s route.

Great walk – I have now more or less recovered.  Hope to make the next walk.

Thanks, Ben